Siamese cat...what are they like?


Aug 14, 2006
I lost my beloved cat KeeKee on Dec. 16 and am thinking of adpoting another. I have noticed a few Siamese cats that are available for adoption from the Humane Society...and I'm curious what they are like. I have read that they are quite vocal. Have you had one or know much about them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I'm not quite sure, but I think it's great that you are adopting from the Humane Society. It might be a good idea to do some research on the internet to see what their personality is like generally. Then maybe you could go and spend some time with them to see which one you connect with and think would be a good addition to your family. Good luck and let us know what you decide! :smile:
I have a 17 year old sealpoint siamese. My DH says Siamese are cats that think they are dogs. Very affectionate and great companion cats. They love to be with people. Mine loves to sleep on my head.

I highly recommend a siamese. Especially from a won't be sorry :love:

ETA: They are vocal and if "talk" to them, they will talk back :smile:
I adopted by torti-point Siamese from the Humane Society a year ago (she was 3 months when I got her) and I absolutely love her. I have had cats growing up and I don't notice that she's any more "needy" because she's Siamese.

I definitely think you should get one - they're very loving!
Thanks so much for your response and for your newletter link. You cat picture is adorable, too. It sound as if a Siamese would be a wonderful pal. I live alone so its nice to know that they are extremely affectionate. I'm planning on going today to spend alittle time with two Siamese that are available. Both are male with one being 7 years old and the other is 10. Will let you know how things go. Thanks again!
i had a siamese named kelly for 19 years. i was 3 when we got her. she was definitely the best cat. we rescued her too. she was beautiful... a really dark chocolate color. i don't see many her color her now days. anyway, she was very loving and affectionate. she would sleep with me every night. she however did have a temper. meaning if she got mad she'd have no problem biting me. i was really young though when i had her so i might have handled her in a way she didn't want to be handled. anyway, siamese rank high in my book! i'd love to get another one day.
Just an update on the Siamese cats for adoption. The one little 7 yr. old guy that I was interested in, unfortunately has a two home history for bad litter box habits. They recommended that he go to a home that has never had another animals scent to give him a fair chance to overcome his problem. There was a 10 yr. old female Siamese mix as she had a long coat with gorgeous blue eyes and she is a possibility. I spent 2 1/2 hrs. there today going over all the info and getting acquainted with about 7 cats. Since tomorrow is a work day for me..and a long one...I am waiting to adopt on Monday when I can be home most of the week. I live in Sarasota, Fl and they had over 100 cats needing a home. I had a couple of favorites so I hope they will still be there on Monday. If not, at least they have found a home. The Humane Society in next town 15 miles north of me has a female Siamese mix that I may visit. I'll keep you posted and many thanks for your help.
I have a siamese female and she thinks she's a little princess! She has such a personality! (I hear the same from other Siamese owners). Siamese are also very playful and affectionate... They love to sit on your lap and cuddle. Mine likes to steal my hair ties and play with them and hide in her "kitty condo" haha! They are also very intelligent... (I think cats usually are in general) and the ones I've known have great temperaments. My baby is 9 months old and she has never hissed, not even once (even around new animals, people, etc.) :smile:
I had a siamese mix cat, and it was a little dog! It used to sit outside the front door and screech at any visitors or if we were coming home! Definitely very vocal, if you have neighbors nearby, they may not appreciate the cat as much as you do...
My siamese is 3 years old. I have never had a "vocal" cat before, so I wasn't really sure what it meant. People on the phone are always asking if I have a baby around, but it is just my cat talking.

She is my dog's best friend. She loves warm, cozy places like under the covers of the bed, down by my feet! She is also extremely curious, and loves to sit in the window, watching the world go by!

Sometimes, she gets up at 5 AM and starts talking, which isn't really that much fun. Also, she likes to be in high spots watching others, and thinks the kitchen counter is her modeling runway. If you aren't looking, she will open the cabinets and help herself to some food...any food.

It's an adventure, but it's fun.
Mine loves to sleep on my head.
LMAO Too cute

My friend's brother had two Siamese and they were characters. The male was very nosy and bossy. When my friend's brother wanted to brush his teeth, the cat would jump up on the sink to "supervise". He had to let the cat sniff the toothbrush before he started brushing, otherwise there was trouble and the cat would start screaming at him.
Siamese are like any other animal - each kitty is a little different. You might get a quiet, adorable couch potato.

I've had two. The first was a rescue, horribly abused. They found her shivering under a dumpster in the ghetto part of the city. Someone had done a home hack-job of declawing and spaying her, so her paws were deformed and her poor tummy was always wrinkled and scarred. She never got over her timidity, but was always very sweet-hearted and loved people. She was vocal for such a shy cat, I guess, but compared to normal "mutt" kitties, she was nothing unusual noise-wise. She was very quick to learn, but you couldn't be harsh with her ever, because she would quit eating for days. After I had her for a couple of years, she did start to purr and would approach guests and family - which she wouldn't before. So they can be taught. She never liked men though. Unfortunately, she passed away in her sleep when she was about 8 years. I miss my baby Sheebs.

Then, my friends gave me their Siamese about 4 years ago when they moved. She is the opposite of Sheebs in a lot of ways, probably because she's always been pampered. Maise is vocal and bold. She NEEDS attention. She loves to cuddle, and holds grudges forever - or until you give her a can of tuna. She is gorgeous and bonds more with people than the other pets. She will remember a person who she hasn't seen in a year and seems to develop her own little language with them over time. If she wants to sit in your lap - which she does, 24/7 - and you push her down, she will go sit across the room and sulk, glancing over at you to make sure you're noticing. If you push her off rudely, as my boyfriend will when she digs her claws into his leg, she will go hunt down an item of clothing that smells like you and pee on it! I've run through a lot of bathroom towels with her here. All the doors in my house are constantly closed so she can't find stuff. She's quite the diva and stubborn. But trainable if you're strong-willed and persistent. There's a definite pack-order with her, something I'm not used to running into with cats. She has to be reminded that she's not the boss quite frequently, and that no, she can't sleep on my kitchen counters while I"m trying to cook.

In summary, a Siamese will think he/she is your 3-year-old child. It will love attention. It will be very very intelligent. Everything else depends on the individual animal. If that sounds good to you, you certainly cannot find a more gorgeous, affectionate animal. Best of luck finding your new baby!!!