Shy? I Will Post Your Embarrassing Questions For You!

  1. Lol I would love to give away my ability to breed to a woman who can't I am so done!
  2. Hi, I am not especially shy--I am a new member and I just can't figure out how to post a question. (In this case, it's about a Burberry bag.) Can you help?? Thanks!! Carol

  3. You should post your question in the bags or designer forum section :biggrin:
  4. I just wanna say I think this thread is great! I have been very shy my whole life, and might find this useful at some point. When I first joined tpf I thought I'd be able to talk about anything. But, stupid me, wasn't thinking and used my real first name (somewhat). I have family and friends that know I'm a member (cause I love tpf!) so it would be nice to be able to get some opinions and answers and not have those I know reading my personal stuff! Thanks to everyone that volunteered! You're all great-and brave!:tup:
  5. I've watched a few programmes where this has been looked into, apparently this sort of thing is very good for strengthening the pelvic floor.