Shy? I Will Post Your Embarrassing Questions For You!

  1. What a great idea!
  2. Great Idea!!
  3. I will consider it an honor and a privilege to post the most unspeakably embarrassing questions for anyone who would prefer not to ask them directly.

    I just turned 55, whatever it is, I have probably heard it and all its unspeakably embarrassing cousins many times, especially during the 60s.

    I only hope you will not be disappointed to learn that you are not the first person with it, whatever it is, no matter how bad it may itch, or where.

    Feel free to PM me with your most embarrassing problems and questions, and I will post them.

    It will not be your fault that they are entirely unoriginal and not unique to you or your generation.
  4. I will be more than willing to post embarassing questions for anyone. I will do so promptly, and will NOT tell anyone, it would stay between us. Honestly, I will not think anything of it, throughout my life so far, I have had my dose of illnesses and embarrasing medical things, so I can emphasize completely, so at this point, nothing is embarrasing to me, it's all the same.
  5. I know there are a lot of people above me that will obviously get "chosen" before me if someone want to post anonymously, but I wanted to volunteer anyway. I'm online a lot (on tpf rather).

    Actually I want to post something not health related but feel a little shy to do it because one part of my post is personal, but necessary to understand the post (where I'm asking for advice). You think I should leave the personal bit out or ask someone *here* to post a related advice-asking thread WITH the personal part? Blah!:crybaby:
  6. What a great service!
  7. Me too!

    Feel free to ask me anything Tpf'ers:tup:

  8. I'll volunteer too! Feel free to pm me and I will post for you...
  9. it's so comforting knowing other tPFer's will volunteer this type of confidence.

    kudos to those who have volunteer'd to be the juicy steak in the lion's den.

    (lol- ok- that last line was a bit off, but you KWIM- opinions get pretty strong around here sometimes)
  10. We can always use the form: "A friend of mine has asked me to ask you something about..." :p
  11. So we've got a lot of volunteer posters, anyone got questions?
  12. ill volunteer
  13. I haven't gotten any anonymous questions for months. I have been talking about va-jay-jay issues all day to demonstrate my utter lack of capacity for embarrassment, even going so far as to post in the tampons thread without gloating even once about how much I enjoyed finally being able to ritually burn mine and be rid of that distasteful monthly bleeding crap, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you CAN'T get pregnant! Menopause Rocks!
  14. I'll do it!
  15. Here's one I got today:

    Can anyone reccomend a good pelvic floor exercise machine ? has anyone used one ? do they work?