Shy? I Will Post Your Embarrassing Questions For You!

  1. Hi all!

    This was a topic in the Feedback Dropbox:

    So I thought I might start a thread for those of us who are willing to volunteer to receive Private Messages from other tPF members who otherwise might have their questions/concerns go unaddressed or unanswered because sometimes it's just not expediant to be the one who posts a question.

    So...I'm throwing this out there: If you have a question you are too embarrassed to ask :shame:.... or have other reasons to keep your anonimity :ninja:on the general forums.... please feel free to PM me & I will repost your question as if it were my own!

    Anyone else wanna be a "designated hitter"? :p
  2. Great initiative. ^_^ Maybe we'll not have to deal with "shyness" bans anymore. :p
  3. I have also volunteered for this -- so please anyone feel free to ask me to post something for you, too. :yes:

    I think Caitlin was also interested.
  4. Yes, I was interested in being a designated hitter. Just PM me if you want me to post something for you.
  5. Me too! I have no shame! ROFL

  6. Maybe I'm asking the obvious, but those who volunteer to post what someone is too shy to ask under their own username, would follow some sort of confidentiality rule? No insult intended at all, but it's a serious subject.
  7. No insult taken, Boxermom.

    I'm sure I speak for the other volunteers when I say we will refer to the person who PMed us only as anonymous. We will not name names.

    With us, there will be PMer/poster confidentiality.
  8. You can PM me too, if you like. And believe me, I will totally respect your privacy/confidentiality. I don't judge anyone either.
  9. I'd be happy to do the same.

    Mum's the word. That's our motto
  10. Thank you for the assurances of privacy. It may seem silly to mention, but I've seen too many doctors' staff gossip inappropriately or counselors give enough identifying info that you know who they are discussing.

    Currently don't have anything to ask you to post, but I feel comfortable if I need to sometime!
  11. Thanks for bringing this up Boxermom, I am sure we all intend to maintain strict confidentiality, but it is always good to have a reminder. The whole idea wouldn't really work without it!
  12. Agreed. Confidentiality is completely respected.:ninja:

    I'm more concerned that questions are asked & answered than over where & with whom the question originates.

    I'm more likely to post the question as if it were my own, than suggest it even came from an "anonymous" questioner.

    We're here to help! :welcome:
  13. I will be a Designated Hitter! Im not scurrred to ask anything! lol
  14. LMAO I'm not embarrassed to post anything!! PM me if ya need me to post anything for you :smile:
  15. Okay, how 'bout this: the person who sends the PM can indicate how they want the question posed.