shy, confused newbie

  1. i am sorry but i am so so confused by the number of variations on the motorcycle bag...
    can anyone explain to me if they are really all related - or is that just how it appears to my totally novice eyes? is the original motorcycle bag still available in stores? i feel totally overwhelmed but i'm trying to sort through past posts to make some sense.
    any help is really appreciated - these bags are total eye candy!
  2. Check out htis site - it's one of the best references on Bbags:

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    As for the original 2001 design, no, it's no longer available. The nice part about Balenciaga is that they never repeat a color combo. The original ones all had the flat brass, and were the smaller "First" size.
  3. The original motorcycle isn't available anymore - I think.
    Tweetie is right - check out the atelier.naff website - it's got everything!
  4. thank you both so much. what is the name of the current model being offered? and how much? i really appreciate it.
  5. atelier.naff - very fun. gorgeous stuff. more drooling.
    so what is this year's model and where is it being sold?
  6. so the first is still available but the hardware has been tweaked and it's in different colors? is that right?
  7. Yes the first is still available.

    The current fall colors are grenat, blue india, rouge vif, greige, sapin, truffle, camel, olive brown, bleu roi(blueberry), white, black.
  8. There are quite a few... the first, city, work/office, shopper, weekender, day, courier, twiggy, box and I am forgetting the names of alot of the others, but these are the more common ones. I was looking thru the PDF that Aloha RAg sent to me, and I realized I don't even know half the models offered.
  9. are all the '07 bags going to have that enlarged hardware? the studs i mean?
  10. thank you!
    do they still offer different types of leathers? or only the thinner glossy kind?
  11. No, the giant hardware is a seperate line, the regular will still be available. :smile:
  12. no kidding. lol
  13. oh that is good news. phew.
  14. Yup, and once you get your hands on one, suddenly you want ALL of them. :wlae:
  15. ^^^i wandered over from a different forum and i must say that i find the bags very appealing. it has taken me years, obviously, for them to grow on me. at first i thought they were a fad. i am impressed with their staying power though. i think i like the first (for me) the best.
    what stores sell them (clearly not a whole lot online)? and do they come in that thicker grained leather any more?