Jan 21, 2013
Im a huge SHW person, im a bit darker in colour so all my jewelry tends to be silver/white gold. I bought the jumbo black with SHW and have absolutely no regrets. I find silver goes with things a lot easier than gold. If I was to buy a M/L flap in the future I would get the GHW as Id be picking up another one in black though. In my opinion, GHW is classy looking with the black bags only but it also looks catered more to older people. Just my two cents! Im sure you will never regret your chanel purchase though. Theres no such thing as awrong choice :smile:


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Jun 5, 2009
Jumbo and mini
I recently purchased a jumbo black with gold hardware and I am truly in love with it. However I do not use it as my everyday bag. I tend to use a lot of silver jewelry as well (even thou, have been changing more to gold lately).

I also own a GST and that one i have in black with silver hardware and I love it too. The GST I have used more as an everyday bag and to go to work, etc.

I would say to go to the store (if you have a boutique close to you) and see which one looks better to you on the sizes you like. I would get the one that catches your eye the most. It is a huge investment and you want to be 100% happy with it.

In my opinion, for a classic flap, if you only get one I would go for black with gold.


Nov 30, 2012
I think it depends on the color combination. I love gold and never wear anything silver toned. However, when I saw my navy jumbo with SHW I was in love. Same with my burgundy GST. But my red and baby blue vintage flaps looked better in gold. So it's really just your preference!

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May 25, 2013
when i first started with chanel, i was convinced that it will only be gold hardware all the way for me. i now have two bags with gold and two others with silver. i did not plan it. i just went with my heart while choosing the bags at the boutique. after learning a lot from this forum (thanks to all of you gorgeous ladies!) and based on my own experiences, this is how i look at it now --- when it comes to classic flaps in the medium size, i chose silver because i feel that the flaps itself are already elegant without the need for an extra wow of gold and my red did not come in gold and i am glad that only came in silver. for the matte distressed reissue in black, i chose gold coz i am just simply in love with this combo. when it comes to casual styles like the GST, i prefer the gold coz the gold set against shiny caviar gives the casualness of the GST an extra wow factor. now if i am to get another big bag and i plan to buy a jumbo in caviar, then i would choose gold again. a big bag for me gives out a casual vibe but combined with gold, you get some balance between casual and elegance. i hope i make sense here but the choice of hardware is really very personal. you have to go with your heart. hope this helps and have fun shopping!