Shut up! Its Stacey London

  1. Have any of you seen previews for this? Apparently she is a talk show host now. I'm interested to see what her show will be like.:yes:
  2. Wow, really? Will it be on TLC? I bet it will be a cute show!
  3. I have... I can't wait to see it. I love Stacy!!!!
  4. I started to laugh when I saw the title, I knew exactly who you were talking about.

    However, I cant stand her. so i will not be watching. I think there are to many style me or style her shows on these days.
  5. Okay, maybe i will just take a peek.
  6. I like her. But I think Clinton would make a better talk show host.
  7. ^^You are so right!!! Clinton would be a hoot!
  8. LOL Pradasmeadow!

    Well perhaps she will be less annoying away from what not to wear.
  9. I can't wait to see it!
  10. I can't wait to see this...I love Stacey!
  11. i doubt i'll tune in since i detest what not to wear. they just want everyone to dress the same/have no personal style...on the other hand, i do love her hair.
  12. My vote would go to Clinton too! He's got the right amount of sass without being a total b*tch like Stacey sometimes.. no offense to all the fans! You have to admit she can be MEAN!
  13. Stacey is my style hero!! I love her!
  14. Okay, I agree with y'all !! Clinton would be a better host.
  15. I'll check it out too just to see if she puts those white streaks back in her hair!