SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! - Check the latest Message from Casey!!!

  1. Robyn,

    I can’t even say anything – you just have to see it for yourself. Find pictures attached and try not to SCREAM. Even though I did.

    blackmahala1.jpg blackmahala.jpg
  2. Wow - that is one gorgeous Mahala!
  3. WOW! :upsidedown: The mahala is absolutely eye catching in black patent. :love: That bag would make even a burlap sack look chic!
  4. love love love it!!! thanks for sharing
  5. ooh - la la!:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I LOVE IT!!!!
    Robyn, do you think there will be any other new patent coming out:love:
  6. Hi Lady chinadoll, on Friday I stopped by the Choo boutique to see if the sale started (no luck yet) but as I was looking around the salewoman showed me a Maddy in black patent she said they just got them in, it's a beauty! :nuts:
  7. :nuts::wacko::wacko::nuts: black patent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts::wacko::wacko::nuts:

    Oh I must put that on my xmas list!
  8. OK, who is going for it??? It is sure a beauty.
  9. I know Jburgh & I have seen the Blue Wet Look Patent in the Mahala/Maddy coming to the Nordies and Casey said it is a yes and in the Cruise book, it appears to have a bright yellow patent looking bag.

    I wish I was going to the party on Thursday to see the goodies :crybaby:
  10. :nuts::yahoo::wacko::wacko::nuts:
    I can't wait to see the patent!
    Robyn - which do you think looks better the black patent or the blue?
  11. IMHO, I would buy the Wet Look Blue :tup:

    If you look at the photos of my former Wet Look Riki (now in Stinker's possession) on post

    The Wet Look Blue is so unusual. The black is gorgeous, but I always like unusual items :nuts:
  12. Thanks Robyn:tup:

    You are the :queen::choochoo:
  13. If the new wet look blue is even close to the color of the above mentioned Riki, I would absolutely recommend it 1000%! It is such a gorgeous color blue....darker indoors and just the most beautiful shade of lighter navy blue outdoors. :love:

    I know the Riki is not for Robyn, but I hope the new blue Mahala ends up in her closet as I know how much she loves this color! :heart:
  14. When is it coming out? Is it the same color as the Malena on the JChoo web site? I'm not sure I will go for another patent bag unless it is in a lighter color.
  15. Here is a pic of the Malena in wet look patent blue