Shushopn is in the hospital!

  1. Mr. Shu just contacted me to let me know that Shu is in the hospital, she is getting her gallbladder out!

    She is doing ok and he just wanted to let us know, isnt he sweet!!!

    Wanted to pass it on to you guys!

  2. Glad she is doing okay! :flowers:
  3. Poor gal!!

    I had my gallbladder out and it was no fun :sad:

    Wishing her a fast recovering!! :flowers:
  4. Here's to wishing Shushopn a speedy recovery!:flowers:
  5. Oh no! I just went through that and it was not fun at all!!!!!!
    Hopefully she will bounce back quickly!
  6. best wishes to her for a fast and healthy recovery!
  7. Get better soon shu! We will miss you:heart:
  8. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
  9. feel better soon shu! :flowers:we miss you!:heart:
  10. Poor Shushopn! Get well soon!
  11. My mom had that done. Sending healing thoughts for a quick recovery.
  12. Thanks for passing along the info, Selena! I'm so glad she's doing okay.

    Shushopn, hurry back to us!:heart:
  13. Aww what a doll Mr. Shu is! Hope Shu feels better soon!!!!
  14. Get well soon, Shu!

    My dad had this surgery and felt so much better afterwards, so I hope that's the case for her! :yes:
  15. Hope you feel better soon, Shu!!!