Shu Uemura skincare

  1. After hearing all of you ladies' rave reviews of the shu uemura skincare products, such as cleansing oils and such, I decided to try some out!...
    I have oily/combination skin with mild-ish acne that never seems to 100% go away, my face has never seemed 'perfect'- no matter what kind of products I used. it was always that little bit of blemish or something that ruined it all!

    for those of you who have experience with my kind of skin, which particular cleansing oil have you tried/and suggest? I have asked around the shu uemura boutique a bit, but afraid this is going to be another 'one of those' products.....I meant to ask you guys on here who have tried it firsthand :smile:

    thanks for the help!
  2. I'd recommend Shiseido over Shu Uemura. Mainly because I haven't tried Shu; and Shiseido has worked just swell for me. Just make sure you get the light version of the lotions, which is less oily. Hope that helps!
  3. hmm...anybody else have recommendations?