Shu Uemura Love

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  1. my favorite brand my far is Shu Uemura
    they didn't win me over at first, because the packaging is not so hot and the price tag is rather high
    BUT now
    I've found so many HG's there and frankly it's more expensive buying lots of not so good foundations then just having to buy one because that one is perfect :smile:

    what I love about Shu:
    - e/s: super pigmented and smooth
    - foundations: I swear by their fluid foundation: even a thin layer covers my imperfections
    - l/s: :heart: BG 938
    - blushes: again great pigmentation

    I could go on and on lol
    Anyone else a Shu fan?
  2. I used it a lot a couple of years ago-maybe I should give it another try...could you tell me how much the foundation is?
  3. my first purchase was my HG eyelash curlers couple years ago, and I'm slowly migrating toward the makeup. they have great colorful spring colors, along with eye popping new nail colors. I try not to venture to much, because my wallet hates that!
  4. I love Shu's brushes and cleansing oil (the green one). My sister loves their pencil concealer...
  5. I think $40, ouch
  6. My HG eyelash curler is theirs and I love the cleansing oil. I also loove the sweet gloss and Mascara (Fiberxtension)
  7. I've been a Shu Uemura fan since 2000 or so. I just love their products!
  8. I have the eyelash curler as well, great product! I will have a look at the products when having the chance next! I am curious now!
  9. I LOVE the cleansing oil. I will never go back to anything else.
  10. eyelash curler is a no-brainer. Their falsies are great as well.
  11. Their eyelash curler and spray mist are TDF!!
  12. Their eyelash curler is hands down the best, IMO. My lashes are really straight and this is the only tool that's ever worked. I've even tried heated eyelash curlers, nothing compares.