Shu Uemura F&F 20% off

  1. Shu Uemura Stores are having f&f 20% sale which started yesterday 11/15 till the 11/19.

    These are for standalone stores. I went to the one in South Coast Plaza.

    I'm so glad because i wanted to buy the premium a/o green cleansing oil $72 at sephora during f&f but it was all sold out. luckily they are having the sale now. got it for 57.60
  2. wow thanx so much for this info!
    i'm such a big shu fan!

    so I don't need a coupon or anything like that for this? I just go to a shu boutique and i get a discount?
  3. yeah.
    just mention f&f and u get the discount.
  4. I wish there were an online code.
  5. Yay! Thank you for the info! I'm running to the Fillmore store right now.
  6. thanks! i will go today!
  7. you mean if you're going to the one in Saks, they won't have this F&F thing?
  8. ^^ only shu uemura stores.
  9. Oh man, that's not fair. They closed the Soho store in NYC. I wonder if the boston store will ship to NY.

    What products do you girls recommend from Shu. I love the cleansing oil & eyeshadows. Not a big fan of the creams and lotions though.
  10. ^^ i love the eyelash curler, brushes, lipsticks. a lot of people also like their mascara.
  11. I just called the SF Fillmore store to confirm (before I make a 45 min trek) and they guy I spoke with on the phone said they are still awaiting approval from corporate and that it will happen most likely the day after Thanksgiving. Has anyone gone in this store and received the discount already?
  12. My favorite Shu Uemura products are:
    1. Foaming Cleansing Water
    2. Natural Brush 7.5EXG
    3. Sweet Lip Gloss
    4. Eyelash Curler
    I have tons of other Shu products but I don't love them as much as my products from other brands and they just sit in my makeup drawer. Many of their eyeshadows do not have good pigment. Their brushes are okay but I found myself turning back to my Trish McEvoy brushes. I used to love their moisturizers until they changed the Depsea Collection. Laura Mercier has the best stuff for face makeup, Nars has the best for color, and Trish McEvoy makes the best brushes. I hope I've helped.
  13. I went to the Boston store today and asked about the discount. Sadly, they said that they weren't notified of the F&F discount yet. They mentioned that there was probably gonna be a coupon-like printout on their website for the discount. I left them my number so if they call me, I'll def post something here.
  14. please kindly let me know of any F&F event...
    I love their foundation and cleaning oil...
    thanks a lot...
  15. I've really been liking their foundation lately. Also, the new illuminating shampoo is great, but I'm not positive they sell it in the stores yet.