Shu Uemura - 15% off, ends Feb 28

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    code: BACK
    15% off, expires Feb 28
    registered members receive free shipping + 1 free sample with $50 or more purchase.

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  2. Thank you.
  3. FYI - my co-worker pricematched at Nordstrom. Not sure every Nordstrom carried Shu, but the Pentagon City location does.
  4. Thanks!! Just got a load of stuff!
  5. I was just thinking this morning how I wanted to try some Shu brushes and now with a little discount I should go for it. Thanks!!
  6. Thank you for posting & sharing...
  7. their brushes are very nice
  8. ^ I agree. I would love to invest in a great Shu brush set one day
  9. thanks for posting.
    now i can go off and try the new uv under base fluid spf 20! :smile: