Shrugs - yay or nay?

  1. Is it much smaller than the hobo? Good everyday bag? Fit over a winter coat? Or pass and wait for a city? The price is nice....
  2. waaayyy better than the city :smile::smile::smile: Just kidding. But you will be able to wear YOUR NEW MAGENTA SHRUG with a winter coat and a sweater underneath too!!! the top of the bag has a wider breadth than the city and hence more "give" if that made any sense at all
  3. I like the look of the shrug, personally. Very different.
  4. LOVE THE SHRUG.....but the style had been discontinued....This is what my SA told me...
  5. I have a Shrug. It's big enough to put my essentials in there:

    oversized checkbook wallet
    cell phone
    more keys
    sunglasses with fat carrying case
    3 chapstick/lip balms (I'm hopeless without them)

    And still lots of room left over :yes:
  6. I like the shrug and have been searching for one. However, I tend to stuff my bags and I am a little concerned that it will look like I am carrying a helmet in my bag the way the shrug is shaped....