Shrug- pros and cons?

  1. Hello all! I am swinging back and forth (and getting quite dizzy, I might add!) trying to decide between a City for my next B-Bag or the Shrug. I am in the process of selling my First as I find it too I bought a Day in the same colour. I love shoulder bags but also the look of the City...I'm wondering if any Shrug owners would be kind enough to share their experiences with this style? TIA:flowers:
  2. i have had 2 ink that i just sold and a cornflower that's still on it's way to me. I LOVE THE STYLE! It can hold alot but isn't as big as the day...more compact and looks nicer on petite frames I think. Definitely fits MORE than a first. IT's floppier with less structure than the city (when full, it's kinda like a ball).

    I think it comes down to whether you prefer shoulder bags or bags on the croak of your arm.
  3. the pros of the shrug is that it doesn't hang very low. so, for shorter gals it hits above the hips and not the thigh. also, it holds alot and fits perfectly on the shoulder. it also has no zippers, just a small snap, so it's great for easy axcess. i saw a pretty magenta one on ebay...not sure if it's still there. good luck on your decision!
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    I read somewhere about there being a hook or something on the shrug to open/close it? Is it fiddly or annoying? Or did I misread something?!

  5. It's just a narrow leather flap that goes from back to front and it has a magnetic snap that keeps it in place. I just got my first shrug and I like it (have another on the way). My only complaint is that there is no outside pocket which is where I usually keep my phone for easy access. Other than that, I think it is a great bag and a good second style for those who like shoulder bags but want an alternative to the Day.
  6. Does anyone have modeling pictures of the shrug they can share? I've been wondering about the Shrug as well.
  7. I have 1 Shrug and really like the style -- it's extremely light and the design is super unique. I love the buckles on the flap and the bucket bottom allows you to fit a lot in the bag. It's also very comfortable on the shoulder. I agree with TMitch that a downside is the lack of a pocket on the outside. It's also hard to reach inside with the flap closed and you have to arrange your contents or the bottom of the bag can look deformed. It doesn't slouch like the Day or conform to the side of your body as well. But in all, I still like this style enough to keep it. Here are more threads (w/ pictures!) on the Shrug :heart:
  8. Thanks Jira!
  9. More Shrug modeling pictures (from the Ref Library)!

    by monsoon88
    by maria28
  10. i had a shrug years ago and sold it. the flap aspect is a bit annoying as i'm someone who likes easy access into my bags all the time. but it is a very pretty bag and sits on the shoulder comfortably like the day. i kind of wish i hadn't sold my cognac shrug way back when, but i'm ambivalent about getting another one.