Shrug Model

  1. Any thoughts? Love it, loathe it? Also, does anyone know what the serial # is for the Shrug bags? Thanks!
  2. I have never seen one. Someone please post a pic?
  3. i saw a magenta one on ebay recently. i think they're super cute!
  4. That is a first for me, I didn't know they existed. It's not my personal taste, but it is interesting!
  5. WHOA! I didn't know they're still making them. I saw one on ebay once, and I know ateliernaff discussed that style (and own one). But sorry, I can't offer much info on it
  6. yes, i saw that magenta one too on ebay. i really didn't care for it before. but, it really looked nice in magenta.
  7. I like it.
  8. I love the heck out of mine!! I have it in caramel. It's cute, and it holds a surprising amount of stuff. It's almost like a ball or pumpkin bag when it's full. It doesn't work for me as a shoulder bag at all - I think that's what a lot of people have found, it's not really made to sit flat under your arm. But as a hand-carried tote it's great, and I just love the design of it. Plus the caramel leather on mine has become so soft and yummy... It's definitely a keeper for me.
  9. Thanks for the info! :idea:
  10. i have the shrug in magenta and i love it:love: :love: :love: