Shrug Colors

  1. What colors have the shrug been made in? Did it come in Teal?:shrugs:

    Would trying to find a teal shrug be like trying to find a needle in a haystack? :search: :search:
  2. Hi! I have the shrug in cornflower. I don't think they made shrugs the year they made teal, actually, I think I could be wrong. SO far, I've only seen the shrug in cornflower, ink, rouille, emerald, magenta, and black.
  3. Poop :Push: . I wanted a dark brown or carmel :sad: .
  4. I think it came in caramel. I think LP has one. Check out her website.
  5. LP? Help me out chi-girl... I just got highlights yesterday :upsidedown:
  6. LP is louiseypeasey and her site is ateliernaff.

    blonde highlights, i presume?
  7. Thanks chi!

    Of course, like for yeah! (Lol) Thank god I got some low lights to balance it out ;)
  8. Am I the last to know louiseypeasey is ateliernaff?

    Crazy. I am going to have to bookmark that site!
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