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  1. I searched and couldn't find a thread exactly like what I wanted to start. I gave birth to baby #6 on Sept 14th. I thought if I posted my weight loss journey others would join in too! Here I am 10 days after giving birth and 10 lbs down. Please join in fellow mommies!
  2. You had the baby!? I haven't been in Parenting lately . . . CONGRATS!!!
    You look fantastic!
  3. Baby #6! Oh my gosh. You look wonderful
  4. You do look amazing! Wow! If I looked like that a couple of weeks after having my babies, I'd probably have more of them too. :biggrin:
  5. Shoot if I looked like that 2 years after I'd have more.
  6. You guys are cracking me up, thanks!:lol:

    Are there any other moms? Let's go through this together.
  7. Wow, you look amazing. I'm almost 11 months out and having so much trouble to get 1/8 of where you are right now. Congrats on your new addition!
  8. You look amazing! Baby #2 is due in three weeks...look forward to joining you shortly ;)
  9. We are rarely happy with our progress. I feel schlumpy, but I know I'm not the only one. I bet you look great. My goal is to be back to "normal" by Christmas because I'm a lunatic.
  10. Can't wait for that baby to come!
  11. If you'd started the thread earlier, I'd be all over it. Baby #2 will be a year old in a few weeks. I am almost back to pre-baby weight, just 2-3 more pounds, but definitely fitter, so probably more muscle than before (I know this because my running pace is actually running now, and I can do 15 pushups, which I never could before.) I had lost a lot of it pretty quickly, then stuck at the last 10 lbs till summer hit and I got pissed off about it and hit the gym hard.

    But I'll be here to cheer you on!
  12. Thanks and congrats! Post pictures.
  13. I'm here! Gave birth 2 weeks ago gained about 28kg so I think like 60 pounds!!!

    I need to lose a total of 45 kg to get to my goal weight as I was already overweight :sad: any tips is much appreciated
  14. I had great luck with the my fitness pal app. It makes it so easy to track food, there are tons of restaurant foods on there, and a bar code scanner!
  15. SIXTH?!!!!! oh woow!!!!! kudos to you!