Shrinking Jeans?

  1. Hey Everyone!

    Does anyone know of a reliable way to shrink jeans...and keep them shrunk?

    I have a pair of Denimbirds that are slightly too big...I was told to wash them in hot water, but I thought that would shrink them only until you wear them - then they stretch out again??????

    Can I have them altered to fit, perhaps??????

    Any suggestions are appreciated!!:flowers:
  2. You can definitely have them altered to fit. They can take the jeans in at the waist area or the inseam.

    I do the wash in hot water/dry on high heat method and it works fine for me. It shrinks the jeans and while the jeans do stretch out with wear, it is still relatively smaller than when you first bought it.
  3. Have you tried putting them in the dryer on a really hot setting?
  4. thanks girls.......will try the suggestions!!!!:yes: :flowers:
  5. Definitely try put it in the dryer
  6. Try to put it in the dryer on hot setting as suggested, but don't overdo it because I was told that hot dryer can damage the fabric and break the elastane.