Shrimp Cocktail Need to know before I eat! LOL

  1. Okay let's just say you purchased a frozen ring of Shrimp Cocktail (classy, I know lol). Then you proceeded to put said Shrimp Cocktail ring the refridgerator. How many days would the refridgerated Shrimp Cocktail ring be good??

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Shrimp has a shelf life of two to three days according to my cookbooks. Make sure you keep it in the coldest area of your refrigerator - if you have a meat drawer, that's a good place for it.
  3. THANKS! I appreciate the info!
  4. ^^ Yes, I would said no more than 48 hrs IMO. And the smell test is good...if any seafood smells the slightest bit off, out it goes.
  5. I would say eat it the same day.
  6. ^^^ ITA. I know for sure that the life shelf is 4 days, but does this ring cocktail has an expiration date??