Shredded Hermes scarves (and shawls!)

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  1. I was speaking with an SA at one of the stores today and he told me when the scarves are a couple years old and out of print, they sh....SHRe.....SHRED them!!! :wtf::nuts::amazed:[​IMG]
  2. Is that where those silk ball danglies come from? :shrugs:
  3. ^ hahahaha...

    But we see the silks during the sale. Surely they don't shred everything... how sad...:wtf:
  4. Yikes!
  5. That's crazy. :wtf:

    I guess that's why it's so hard for people to track down older grail scarves? I guess we should definitely be thanking the resellers for buying them up for resale later if this is what's going to happen to them!

    I knew I would be horrified by WHATEVER the contents of this thread was with a title like this, but I was definitely not expecting to hear that it was H doing the shredding. :nuts:

  7. Oh, no, how could they. That just makes my stomach turn to hear about shredding all that lovely silk. Heartless, Hermes, absolutely heartless!
  8. He said they send them to Paris, where the dirty deed is done.
  9. This is terrible and disgusting. I'm really speechless. Is this another strategy to make H more exclusive and unobtainable???
  10. I've heard that LV does this with old season RTW as they do not EVER have sales.