Showroom Bags

  1. Does anyone know what happens to the showroom bags? Do they sell them? And once they start to patina in the store do they replace them with fresher bags?
  2. they do sell them but im not sure how often they get replaced. if its a bag you want and the display one is the only one they have they sell you that one if you dont mind that its been pawed by people.
  3. Once upon a time. Buyers were not allowed to buy the display items, but times have changed. If the display is the only one left. You can buy it. Just be aware they may subject the sale to be non-refundable or exchange and purchased as is.
  4. But with no discount? That's a ripoff! lol
  5. i know. we could get atleast 10% off if its the only one they have. other stores do it.
  6. They can sell them. Wish we could get a discount though!! But then again, I guess a lot of people would request to buy display bags because they couldn't afford / didn't want to pay full price
  7. The SAs in my local LV seem to love to get people to purchase the display items. There are a few times that they keep on insisting that that piece is new and just been put up on display not long ago, or that it's the last piece, etc. Maybe they have the habit of selling all the display items so that they will keep looking "fresh" and new... *shrugs* Or they are just plain lazy to get the new stocks inside. Kinda annoying, especially since I'm the type who wants my items to be totally perfect. :p
  8. Yea i think they should give a discount esp if they have got some Patina.
    At my boutique they look for it on display and if it's not on display they will get a new one out but other wise i think 2 of my bags that i know of where display items, My first one did have some Patina i think.
  9. If you asked for a "fresh" one, would they give it to you? I would imagine that they'd have to if they had it in stock.

    I was in my LV store a couple of weeks ago looking for a Framboise piece, and the only thing that they had left was a Houston. I looked at it and it was obvious that they'd had it for a while and it had been on display. The vachetta handles were all soft (worn in), and the bag had begun to lose its stiffness/shape. There's no way in heck that I would spend $1500 on that purse in that condition. Unless someone desperate for a Framboise Houston comes along, they'll have a difficult time selling it without offering a discount.
  10. very true! Thats something that I prob would do since I would prefer a patina and if I could get 10% off in the process, why not!
  11. I always ask to see the display item since it will give me a really good idea of how the item will look after it has been handled a few times. However, when choosing to make my purchase, the SAs will always bring out a brand new/fresh item for me to inspect before it gets rung up and wrapped for me.
  12. I did manage once to get a free luggage tag that had patina on it. I needed one for my steamer bag which is really dark brown, I told my SA that a new virign vachetta ID tag will look stupid so she took it off an keepall display, got it stamped and gave it to me for free. It was all used and dark, but it matched my steamer perfectly.:graucho: I seriuosly would not doubt if SA hooks up there really good customers on display items. LE items are hard to get and they never give the SO LE items away, like the graffiti hat boxes and such.
  13. I wouldn't mind getting rid of those old showroom bags for them! In fact, I'll take them away for free.
  14. My LV has tried to give the display to me on 2 occasions, but I've requested one from the back everytime. They have no problem getting one from the back as long as they have it in stock. I think a small discount even just the tax like 8-9% would be more fair on display bags.
  15. I agree they should give a small discount for display bags. Oh well.