Showing you The Patina Champ Method on my LV Artsy Video

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  1. Thank you to all those on the Forum that trusted my method over the last 3 years. I appreciate all the positive feedback . Here is a video of me cleaning the Artsy with My Patina Champ method :smile: I know a lot of u were scared to use water :0 . I would like every LV owner to know that this method is easy , free and works Beautifully. I will do another update on the Artsy and the Speedy 35 in a few more years :smile: I'm expecting that both will look the same :smile:Please subscribe to my channel on YouTube to see more videos. All future videos will be better quality as I just bought a GoPro for my Channel :smile:
  2. 20,000 views was how many I had shortly after it was posted . but I just looked and it has 111,294 views .
  3. I will video my speedy 35 when I clean it again :smile:
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  4. The Artsy is such an Amazing bag :smile:
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  5. Just did the Patina Champ method on my 2 week old Artsy TYSM for sharing this method! It worked very well now I will be doing it on my Speedy B and any future bags with vachetta!
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  6. You are so welcome . I'm glad you like the method. Subscribe to my utube channel to see more videos like it :smile: Thank you
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  7. Hello here is my speedy 35 bag cleaning . Hope you like it
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  8. Thank you for sharing! I have a Speedy B 30 so this will be very helpful when I clean that bag! I do have one question... How long do you tan your new bags before you do the Patina Champ on them for the first time? I have a new Delightful in Azur and I want to try and keep the handle as nice as possible. When would be a good time to start this method? Is it not good to do on brand new vachetta?
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  9. I love this method and used it on my Totally MM. I put it in the sun for about 5 days during the non-existing summer in Germany during June so it didn't tan too too much. But after that I used the method and it looks sooo good!! I've used my Totally during fog and rain and have absolutely no water stains at all!!
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  10. Hello dolly . I'm not sure if its good to wet the bag without tanning. I always tanned mine first . Here exactly how I did it . I hope it helps :smile:When you get your new bag put it in the sunlight for 3 days just 1 hour at a time . Turn bag once during the hour . on day 4 take a white cotton sock wet it ....wring it out super good then wipe down all the vachetta evenly Dont Scrub . Then set it on your dresser and let it dry overnight in the morning take a dry sock and polish vachetta softly . now every 2- 3 months wipe down and polish it again. After the first time i wiped it i wore it in the rain :storm: and no water spots at all. The reason you want to do this every 3 months is because you dont want the handle to turn black . That black is just dirt . The handle should stay my color or a little darker its whole life and never blacken. Also when you wipe the vachetta also wipe the canvas to keep it clean . Let me know if you have any more questions. Have a great week :smile: here is a video of me cleaning the speedy . I also have an Artsy one cleaning as well .
  11. so happy u love this :smile:
  12. Thank you so much!
  13. Hi! I love this method! I did it on my Neverull mm that was slightly pre loved and I feel so confident now! I do have a new speedy b 35 that I am going to be doing this too, however i have a question. In your response to this poster about tanning the bag first, you mentioned you have always tanned your bags first. May I ask, was this your own method or did someone advise to do it that way as far as tanning first? I suppose what was the thought behind it? And does the color change at all after tanning it for that short time? I guess I'm wondering exactly how tanning it first makes a difference in this method. Does it make or break it? Does it have something to do with the oxidation with the light or sun that maybe gives the leather a light base first? If you or anyone might know I'm very curious!! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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  14. Hello . The tanning is my own addition. I really love the honey look so if definitely speeds up the process. I just felt like when I got the bag that the handles were so pale and new that if I added water it would soak in to much . so I felt like the sun would help oxidize it an make the bag a little less absorbent if that makes sense . But that's only my opinion I wouldn't wet it before tanning cause I think it would absorb too much water dry it out way too much. Thank you for your question :smile:
  15. That makes sense! Thank you for the response!! ☺️