Showing off new sunglasses!!

  1. I just bought these I recently lost my favorite pair of Fendi sunglasses:cry: ! I saw them on the Gucci website ($295), and was fully prepared, and when I went to the Gucci store here in Hong Kong, they were only $200....regular price:biggrin: . I never knew there was such a difference in prices depending on location....anyway...I think they are really cute and comfy for everyday...
    gucci sunnies 001.jpg gucci sunnies 002.jpg
  2. VERY nice!
  3. I love tortoise! Esp on glasses. Love em.
  4. GREAT frames...LOVE THEM!
  5. Great sunnies!
  6. It's gorgeous!! Congrat!
  7. I just saw those in Nordstrom, they look great!
  8. Yay...I am very excited!! I love them because they are big, but not too HUGE!!!!
  9. I love them! Very nice!
  10. Those are totally hot. I wouldn't mind stealing them sometime :P. Congratulations.
  11. Those are really nice! I love the frame and color!
  12. Wow, those are hot!!
  13. So hot!! I just got the tortoise shades with horsebits on the side. Gotta love Gucci!
  14. I have always :love: Chanel, but wanted something with a little less logo....these are so pretty...I just wore them for the first time, even though it is rainy here...I decided I couldn't wait any longer! I may even turn into one of those people who wear their sunglasses at night!!
  15. Aww.. I love them, they're gorgeous ! I guess I'll have to ask relatives for Gucci when they come visit me from HK now ! ;)
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