Showing off my new CL's...and I have a question

  1. Check out my brand new CL's!!! I feel an obsession coming on...I recently went to Miami for a few days and ended up buying my very first pair of CL's, and the very next day I bought my second (coming in the mail though, will post pics when I get it). Seriously these shoes are TDF and I love all of them...for all you CL fans...for my next purchase I can't decide between a pair of peep toe pumps or a pair of the round toe pumps...I would get either in black, but is there a style you'd recommend more than another?? Maybe more comfy?? Pics greatly appreciated!!
  2. Congrats!! they are GORGEOUS :drool:
    Can't wait to see pics of the other pair :biggrin:!
  3. I think the peep toe pumps are sexier and will definitely get more looks. But the round toe pumps are going to more comfy since they are squishing your toes together. If youre going to go for peep toe pumps, Id recommend the iowa zeppa (a platform peep toe mary jane) or the obvious very prive or yoyo zeppa. Enjoy your shoes! They are gorgeous!
  4. Love them ..congrad's ...peep toe pumps for your next purchase
  5. Gorgeous shoes!
  6. Beautiful shoes! Sorry I can't answer your questions, I have yet to get my very first pair of CL's!

  7. Congrats- that is an awesome shoe. Looking forward to pics from your purchase!
  8. those are beautiful! I don't have any CL's. Are the comfortable?
  9. OMG -- I want those shoes!:nuts:

    Those are the most fabulous shoes I have ever seen, I would wear them everyday and with everything:yahoo:
  10. Those are gorgeous! I love open toe shoes. Can't ever get enough.
  11. thanks everyone for your lovely comments...btw robyn...if you decide to get them, I'll let you know that I was told they're exclusive for Saks (everyone else has the same shoe but with a cork bottom instead of the red) and she said theres actually a waiting list at some stores so they're expected to sell out soon!!
  12. Gorgeous!!!!!! I'm jealous!
  13. i want them :drool:

    congrats dear:drool:
  14. How lovely! Louboutin's are addictive, so which ever you go for now, you'll end up buying the other ones soon enough! Enjoy!
  15. Fabulous shoes you have there! Congrats! I'd go with peep toes.