Showing off my Coach puppies...

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  1. Here are my Coach puppies. I was SOOOO excited last night to see the "Pet Key Fob"

    I've never wanted a cell phone charm but now I understand that there's a pet one to match the key fob - I'm off in search.....

    For the leader of the pack...see the avatar.
    CoachPack 001.jpg
  2. So cute!!!
  3. Cute!!

    I want the pawprint cell phone lanyard, too...and since we have a beagle, I've been looking for a good deal on the beagle keyfob for awhile now!
  4. :love: :love: :love:

    If you don't mind-- how much was the dog-themed keyfob with all the little charms?

    I MUST have it! :yes:
  5. So cute! I love the pet key fob!
  6. It's $58 :wtf: but I was able to get the PCE discount on it. I love the gardening one too but am willing to risk waiting for it to be at the outlett.

    I originally thought I had missed out on the leather one (I think it came out around 2001 or 2002) - and about a year later got the enamel one at a Lord and Taylor - right after it came out - then the next week found the leather one at a Coach Outlet!
  7. Tooo Cute!
  8. AwwI wish they'd do a puppy and a kitty with the cute cartoony style of their recent keyfobs! How sweet would that be!!
  9. cute! i love the one with all the different charms on it. i reported that one here last month when i saw it in the SA book!

    When i first saw the pawprint one (that you don't have) i swore it was brass knuckles, not a paw!
  10. and yah Coach! make a CAT keyfob!!!
  11. Aww too cute! Congrats! Your dog is adorable!
  12. So cute! I love it!
  13. Now they need to that with the beagle...

  14. :tup:

    I remember reading some time ago that the "big cheese" at Coach has Jack Russells. That's why they show up in the catalogs and are part of the display in the Boutiques for the Doggie products.
  15. That's adorable.