Showing Off My Coach Collection

  1. Hi there everyone. I am new to the Coach section of tPF. I'm usually posting on the Tokidoki forum. (Yes, I am one of those Tokidoki :nuts: over on that forum.) But before Tokidoki, I was a Coach girl (and still am), though my money gets divided between both obsessions these days, at least for a few more months until the Tokidoki collaberation ends.

    Anyway, my love of Coach has been recently revived again with the Legacy collection. With my PCE card this week, I purchased the Whiskey Ali and Indigo Patchwork large zip around wallet. And I also managed to convince my husband to buy me the Indigo Patchwork Carly (#10814) for my birthday present next month. He's making me wait to see and use it until my b-day though.:push:

    I took pictures of my current collection including my latest purchases this week to share with everyone.

    DSC02626.JPG DSC02627.JPG

    DSC02628.JPG DSC02629.JPG
  2. great stuff!! I love the pink patent lunch tote!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!
  3. i think i need that legacy wristlet now.......
  4. Wow! :nuts: I especially love of all the purple in your collection! I am SOOOO envious of your grapefruit & lime coin purses!
  5. Great collection! I love the variety of styles:yes:
  6. What a great collection. I am in love with your redd/burgandy color mini skinny!!
  7. you have the grapefruit! i love it . welcome to the coach section ;)
  8. Court811 - Yes, my Pink Gallery Tote is one of my favs. I bought that as soon as I saw it in the Spring 2004 catalog.

    Blackbutterfly - I just purchased that Legacy wristlet yesterday. Drove 81 miles to the nearest Outlet store to get it.:nuts:

    FashionAshley - It's obvious what my 2 favorite colors are. I used to have more of the fruit coin purses, but sold several on eBay a while back. The lime and grapefruit though, I just couldn't part with.

    lodilove - THANKS!:yes:

    Coachnut - Yes, that mini skinny was the 2nd Coach item I ever bought right after the Red Patent Gallery Tote.

    Thanks Ladies for your compliments!;)
  9. i LOVE your red patent sig mini skinny! i want one too!
  10. You've got a super collection!!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, very pretty collection!!!
  12. WOW! I love your embossed wallet (it's the colors, they're my favorite!) :yahoo:and mini skinny! I love the variety!
  13. hmmm...let's see...we live in the same state, so if you bought it in OH, it must be either Jeffersonville or Aurora Farms. i need this wristlet!! where'd you get, because i will hop in the car tomorrow just to get one too!!!
  14. Holy cow, I'm in love with your red patent tote! Great collection!
  15. Very nice...I LOVE the two patent totes!!