Showing off again

  1. This time it is a purse. I made this one from a strawberry print I bought I don't know how long ago. I must have liked it because I cut out two purses in this style and have enough left over for a bucket bag (that's what I decided it would be. It's styled from an army utility bag which I was not allowed to take apart because the SO would not let me have it if I did. Pockets are on the outside and other features include a shoulder strap, lime green lining (matches some of the green leaves of the print) and a hidden magnetic closure.
    green strawberry2.jpg

    green strawberry3.jpg

    green strawberry4.jpg

    I found this interfacing which makes the bag stand up on it's own. Which is great because I can use almost any fabric to make my purses and other things which require body.
  2. Very cute- you are talented!
  3. Thanks!
  4. It's very sweet =)
  5. Very creative. I love the fabric.
  6. Very cute bag!
  7. I must have liked the strawberry print, because I bought 3 or so yards of it. I still think it's cute.
    It takes about 1 yard of 45" wide fabric to create either a purse lining or shell unless the planned project is really big. I usually buy a little extra for trim, straps or handles, and to make sure I don't run out. It might have been a remanant and priced for the whole piece and I bought it because I liked it.
    I should take photographs of my linen closet which houses my fabric collection. You all would laugh, my SO does. By the way, there is linen in the closet, but no towels or sheets...only yardage.
  8. You're very talented! :yes:
  9. Very cute, I'm impressed by how creative you are!
  10. Cute! I'd like to create handbags, too, but I don't know where to strat from!
  11. Cute bag!
  12. Very sweet bag.
  13. Very nice!! I love that print, too. Every seamstress/needlework person I know has more than enough fabric and materials to keep them going for life!
  14. very cute bag!
  15. Cute! I wish I could sew and make things. I'm always so impressed by people who are able to put together and follow through with projects like this!