Shower Me With Ostrich

  1. I have been asked several times recently about ostrich, but I have to be honest, I keep my distance from not to be tempted at this stage in my life! :crybaby:

    Can we get some pics of neutral colored ostrich bags or accessories? What have you seen in the boutiques? If you have helpful info. to share, please do. What is available? How long does an order from podium take to be filled? You can even talks colors, but anything you now about neutrals would be appreciated.:yes:
  2. OMG, KB, wait until you see how must get it! I am in love with ostrich too and this is my year to indulge :yahoo:but no neutral photos to show you, waaah. But how about hot pink? hee hee.
  3. what i love about ostrich is, it's water repellant! a friend spilled coffee and iced tea on two separate ostrich birkins and both times, bag came out unharmed!

    over the weekend, i carried my ostirch kelly and there was a light shower of rain in our area - i can see the wet dots one the bag but minutes later, they were gone!
  4. Here you go, KB. A pic of that cognac ostrich kelly (I ended up not getting):

  5. Bring it on people! Please help out.

    Thank you.
  6. This is the beige rose ostrich from luxwear :heart: :heart:
  7. The congnac ostrich from CDL :heart: :heart:

  8. Now, this was a hard one for me, because pictures of bleu saphire just NEVER seem to be true to color.
    ...I tried my best;)

    The upper belt is bleu saphir and the lower jaune safron. Those two belt straps originally came with yellow-gold
    plated stirrup-style buckles, but I prefer to wear them with the newer Mirage buckles.

    The slightly rounded edge of the strap to compliment the buckle was unfortunately discontinued
    a couple of years ago...


    Those aren't exactly neutrals, but these colors go just perfectly with any
    color-related outfit:king:...if that's ok?
  9. tenshi - I love your belt! It's really pretty!
  10. Fantastic pictures, thank you for sharing!
  11. Here is my black ostrich 32cm Kelly!
    I guess black is neutral too.:yes:
  12. Thanks PrincessF & Nola...:flowers:!

    Your black Kelly is true eye candy...again!

    I forgot to add, as for ostrich info:
    An acquaintance of mine placed an SO for a cognac-colored 35cm Birkin in spring '06 and was told it would take approximately three years until it'll be ready for delivery.
  13. I will share that for me regular "gold" ostrich is too pale for me. I like the cognac better, especially with the PH. It makes my heart sing!
  14. :drool: :drool: :drool:

  15. Can anyone tell me if ostrich bags are considered to be for mainly ladies of 'a certain age'? Is that true?

    Anyway, here's another one for you, KB - Pic of a cognac ostrich birkin taken in Paris:


    LOVE this color in ostrich!