Shower Gel or Bar ?

  1. I use a lot of perfumed shower gels, my favourite at the moment is Notes by Celine Dion. When I use a bar of soap, it is usually baby soap, Pears or Dove.

    ( I have sensitive skin. )

    How about you ?
  2. I only use dove bar and shower gel ...i love the exfoliating dove
  3. I'm a sucker for Philosophy's shower gels. They always smell so good, and the smell lasts for a really long time.

    When I use a bar, it's usually one of the ones by Lush. I :heart: their Honey I Washed the Kids so much. They're products are all natural and always leave my skin feeling really clean.
  4. Both! I love shower gel. I don't have a favorite. I just stand in the bath products isle in the grocery store and sniff each one until I come across one I like. Otherwise, I use Dove bar soap.
  5. I love baths, so it's Lush natural bath bars for me, or when i shower it's milk and honey gel by Boots.:love: :lol:
  6. I only use gels.....Anthing vanilla/brown sugar scented, Usually by Bath and Body works.
  7. i hate the idea of bar soap. i don't know, i just don't want it sitting around collecting bacteria. forgot to say, i'm currently using philosophy's cinnamon buns.
  8. I use both zest bar and H20 bath gel and exfoliant. I'm trying out new stuff I like the fruity smells. I do have to find one with a scent that lasts long. I used to use VS in Secret Whisper that smelt like peaches but I ran out maybe I'll get some more when I'm in Vegas. I get the VS cataloge but I can't seem to find the scent anymore....
  9. I use Dove bar soap mostly, as I squeeze out too much shower gel and it only ever last me a few showers. The only time I have any is if I get given it as a present.

    I don't like ANY other kind of soap, and I don't know how I managed before Dove came along!

  10. I use dove bar soap and then I use a scrub and shower gel.
  11. Shower gels I love in the shower -
    • Bulgari
    • E. Coudray Bain Creme Moussant
    • No. 4711
    • Crabtree & Evelyn - Wisteria, Savannah Gardens, Summer Hill or Sandalwood
    • The Healing Garden - White Tea Therapy, ZZZtherapy, Lavender
    I'm a scent junkie!

    (When I'm in a hurry in the shower - Irish Spring!!!)
  12. I use Dove body wash-- and Lever 2000 (after working out :shame: )
  13. At the moment, strictly gels! I never wanted to use bar soap when I still lived at home because I was afraid one of my brothers would use it [cringe].
  14. Dove girl here!
  15. Both. I use Ivory(bar) and Bath and Body works, "sweet pea" (shower gel).