Shower Gel Exploded in Luggage :[


Mar 11, 2006
Help! So pre-college I didn't travel much, but now that I'm going to school 11 hours away from my loved ones I travel A LOT. And I just have no idea about packing. I truly suck, lol.

Does any one know the best way to prevent your shower supplies from leaking/exploding everywhere inside thier luggage!? Luckily, so far none of my shoes/school work/bags have been victim to my shower gel, but I'm just tired of my clothes smelling like I marinated them in lily and sweet pea juices, lol.
i find it helpful to put all those products in individual zip-lock if they explode, they dont get took me a while to learn that though...good luck:idea:
yes. ziplock bags- and try to put stuff like that in your carry on.

Once my entire bottle of Dior Addict perfume leaked. Thank goodness it was in a seperate pocket of the suitcase.

I was SO mad!! I feel your pain! :smile:
I use ziplocs, and put them inside a toiletry bag. I LOVE ziploc bags. I use the XL ones when traveling with a duffle bag. I can put shirts and sweaters in one. Pants in the other. That's way everything doesn't shift around, and it makes it easy to pack and unpack.
Aw, sorry that happened...Ziplock bags are the best.
And for extra measure, perhaps you can also store your shower gels/lotions in an outside compartment in the remote case it didn't get sealed properly? That way, the mess is away from your clothes...
I don't travel much but I learned this after reading a thread about someone getting hairspray on their LV. It was a white one too and the store did take it back I think. But I learned the bagging tip from that thread.
In addition, you can pre-squeeze the air out of the container a bit. At high altitude the pressure is lower and the air trapped in the container will cause the container to expand and explode.:lol: