Shower Cap...

  1. My mom decided to release her xmas list today (12/19...) She wants a nice shower cap. The internet keeps giving me the same things...Spa Sister, Benefit, and an Oscar Blandi. Anyone use any of these or maybe something different? Possibly something I can go to a store and pick up...

  2. They are adorable :smile: I saw them also. I'm looking for ones that look like old fashion caps.
  3. LOL those are cute.
  4. LMAO!! those shower caps are absolutely adorable
  5. OMG!! What a funny thread!! Hahaha.. Those shower caps are awesome.

    I got my mom a Hello Kitty shower cap.. lol!
  6. Awww! Love that piggy shower cap, so cute!
  7. I got a cute one at Sephora with girls all over it.
  8. I think that black beret shower cap is hilarious! I'm totally imagining someone trying to create an image in soap suds. LOL.

    I really like the Benefit shower cap that you mentioned. It looks so retro chic and it's pink!
  9. Aww what cute shower caps :biggrin:

    I like the benefit one!
  10. What a cute thread! My favorite is the pig, lol.
  11. These are so cute. Never thought of buying a fancy one.