Showcase: Show off your Charms, Keyfobs... Pics, Please

  1. Okay, if this has already been done recently, I apologize! (Please just tell me where I can find the info.) If not, let's have fun.....I am looking for a Charm or Keyfob to hang from my new ERGO Hobo! I am not seeing any NEWer ones available that I am too crazy about, so thought I might check into older ones. I don't really know what WAS available, so I'd love to see your collections. Please tell me.....what charms or keyfobs do y'all have? Which ones are out there - OLD or New and where might I be able to get one??
    Can't wait to see the cute things out there!!!
  2. I have a few, but my favorite one of all is the little pink pig:


    I get so many comments on that little guy! :yes:
  3. Only have a few, and all of the charms are recent:

    - Hearts & Stars keyfob from the outlet, purchased it about 3-4 years ago??
    - LOVE charm from this season
    - Taurus charm, still available on
    - "D" charm, just purchased at the outlet 2 weeks ago

    _ Threw in my little perfume sample for good measure. :p

    Enjoy!! :smile: I want to get more Coach accessories in the future, they are too cute!! I also want the silver star charm that is available on right now.
  4. A picture would help....
    Coach charms & keyfob.jpg
  5. Here's mine. Not pictured: Skull. I can't put them on an Ergo or Legacy bag though. I can't do the mixing metal thing. I try to, but it bugs me. :p


    The star is the one from last year. It matches the colors of the moon.

  6. Yay another Taurus!! :yahoo:
  7. well i'd totally suggest the multipurse signature coach keyfob but i can't find a pic and don't have a digital camera :crybaby: boo!!

    someone SPECIAL sent me a fabulous RAOK on their own behalf! no RAOK event involved! i get to pick it up tomorrow at the post office!

    yay bessie! thnx luv u muah! now you have somewhere to post your keyfob pix :wlae:

    if anyone can find a picture of the signature multipurse coach keyfob it'd be appreciated!~ i'm still lookin!

    close but not it, this picture almost strikes me as fake, unless they have a few that look ALMOST exactly the same. my little metal coach tag is pink, and the signature C's are silver. this is perhaps an older version of mine!? i wish you could see it! i got it at an outlet. it's adorable!
    close but NO.jpg
  8. Yea!! :yahoo: Being a Taurus rocks!!! :yes: (And our birthdays are coming up!!)

    I've seen quite a few Taurusian folks on here... I really think there is a link between being a Taurus and SHOPPING!!! That is what I tell my DH anyways...
  9. My birthday is on May 17th. I love having it in the middle of the year!
  10. Me too - coming 4/23, which is how I'm justifying all my "recent" PCE purchases!
  11. Here's mine:


    watermelon charm was from my RAOK buddy! I love it!
  12. Gosh I love that little monkey! I wish he were still for sale. And I :heart: the watermelon. Cute stuff.
  13. :heart: Love all the pics of your acessories! Keep them comming ladies!;)
  14. WOW! You've got SO MANY great charms & fobs!!! Awesome:p I just LOVE that Flower one...I may have to order one!!
  15. I love it! Especially the golden signature apple!