Showcase of what you've got from the PreFall lookbook!

  1. Besides admiring them from lookbook, trunk show pics and catalogues, it will still be wonderful to see your babies with you IRL:nuts:

    So let the show begin~!
  2. This is my first purchase but I returned it already.

    From the evening collection, flap bag with Leo clasp.
    CCLeoBag.JPG CCLeoBag4.gif CCLeoBag5.gif CCLeoBag6.JPG
  3. Thanks iluvchanel! I read your post too! The leo clasp is very unique.
  4. Does this one count?
  5. great thread, show us some modeling pics ladies!
  6. I got this little number but chain is broken...SA is replacing it for me. I can't model it b/c of the broken strap.

  7. ^^That's a beautiful color! Just gorgeous!
  8. OMG, the leather and the color looks amazing!
  9. Oh MY - that brown chanel is TDF!
  10. OMG, the color and leather look amazing! Is this from the bubble line?
  11. ^^yes, this is from the bubble quilt line--it's the tiny classic flap. i also love this line in the dark beige color.
  12. Geez, it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! As for the dark beige, is it more on the dark white side or a true beige? Can you tell me what other colors this bag is coming out in? I really, REALLY like it A LOT!
  13. dark beige is like a light-to-medium olive tone in my opinion but i think NM is only getting white (which is like a very light khakhi color) and chocolate, while Saks is getting both white and dark beige. I think it's called white (might be just beige, I'm not sure). Not sure if this line comes in any other color besides these 3 choices. I also saw the bowler styles but it's a bit too chubby...and there is a bigger flap that's gorgeous but the strap is too long... for me anyway.

    The leather btw is yummy soft, much like the cloudy bundle and vintage ligne collections.:heart:
  14. I was wondering if chanel was going to come out with any bags from the vintage ligne this year as that leather is simply amazing - the bags could double as pillows :nuts:. I'm going to a chanel boutique on Saturday so hopefully I'll be able to see the colors in person as most have swatches. I'd LOVE a white one :drool:. Can you tell me the retail on this bag?
  15. Hi Molls, my little one is 1795--the larger ones are in the 2100-2300 range from what I recall?? My brain usually stops registering once there's a big fat number 2 in front of the other 3 digits that follow! Funny you should say pillow as I had the same thought when I saw the bubble quilt bowler. I think you will love this bubble line if you love the vintage ligne as much as I do!! I've already seen a few pieces pop up on shelves at nm and Saks so I think you should be able to see them IRL when you go!