showcase of ms.rani

  1. these are some of my collection:
    - hermes
    - chanel
    - LV
    - prada
    - miu miu
    - dior

    not yet upload:
    - balenciaga
    - gucci
    - tokidoki le sport sac

    ladies, hope you enjoy looking mYbags ;)
    Hermeskellyretourne28toile.jpg mYbags-chanel.jpg mYbags-LV.jpg mYbags-prada-&-miu-miu.jpg mYbags-dior.jpg
  2. what a GREAT collection... cant wait to see your other pieces
  3. thanks a lot jaygurlygurl :yes: yup, i will upload the rest of mYbags...not so much though
  4. these are the additional picture of mYbags:
    -tokidoki le sport sac
    mYbags-Gucci.jpg Balenciaga-The-Purse.jpg mYbags-tokidokilesportsac.jpg
  5. Love your collection!!!! Especially your pink Chanel Medallion tote!!!!
  6. great collection, love all your LVs and the black pradas are also so cute.
  7. Awesome collection - so much variety !
  8. My heart just stopped!!!


    Lovely collection!!!
  9. LAltiero85, LVobsessed415, ayla, Baggaholic thank u thank u thank u :biggrin:
  10. Nice collection
  11. thank you ego-girl :biggrin:
  12. NIICE!! Thanks for sharing!!:tup:
  13. Wowi, your collection is awesome. Loves it! :heart:
  14. Love all of your bags!! They are gorgeous!
  15. great bags ~ love every single one of them!!!~