Showcase: Let's see those gorgeous Coach scarves!

  1. I'm a total scarf freak and the Queen of having way too many Coach scarves (if there is such a thing, and I say there isn't!) :p

    Anyway I love seeing older styles and stuff that I haven't seen before so let's see them! Post those scarves, ladies!

    Here are mine (And I've got my eye on a couple more; and yes, I really do wear a different one every single day) :graucho:

  2. My one and only:


    I wear it everyday!!!
  3. ^^I love that scarf! As you can see I have it too =D I should RAOK you some scarves. I've already maxed out on them for the next two months at my store, though! My manager thinks it's hilarious how many scarves I buy. I REALLY want the black and white optic sig ponytail scarf so I can wear it to work.....

    Hey, how are Buster and Leeloo? Sick puppies feelin' better?
  4. ^^:heart: ya, honey!!! You are too sweet!!!! Puppies are doing well, thank God. Napping in the disgusting heat we're having.

    Ya know? It doesn't surprise me that you've maxed out FOR 2 MONTHS!!! :roflmfao: Look at all those beauties!! The watercolors is :drool: !!!
  5. I just want the sheer mullti-stripe and the b&w optic signature ponytail and the big legacy stripe and the new scarf print and the ergo scarf print scarves and then I'll be done I SWEAR I REALLY WILL.... :shame:

    Glad the puppies are better. You should get those babies some Coach collars and post modeling pics! :heart: beagles.
  6. So 5 more....that's it?? Sounds like an Xmas list.

    I was going to get them some collars but I'm terrified of the damage Leeloo would inflict on them (she pulls Buster by the collar). Maybe, when I find a job, I'll get them some only for special occasions. The outlet here sells them super discounted.
  7. Here's mine (with some bags too, not that that would bother most of you!):

    Khaki Signature with Coach spelled out with rhinestones:


    Holiday 2006 Patchwork:


    Legacy Ponytail (that I have to have cleaned now):


    Signature Stripe Scarf (oblong) in Pear:

  8. Here is a group picture. Some are missing my mom took them to the dry cleaners.


    I still want more.
  9. Coach Mufflers
  10. Well, my scarves clearly need to be ironed, but here is my collection (draped along the rail of my son's loft bed):
    And I am hoping to add this one soon:

    P.S. - krispin41, I am totally :drool: over your Zoe clutch!!!
  11. great thread!!! i'm so gonna enjoy all the pics!

    beautiful scarves ladies!

    i've only got a ponytail scarf right now, planning to add more!

  12. Um...mods...can you please edit my pic size? I didn't mean for that to post SO huge, but now it won't let me in to edit. :wtf: Sorry!
  13. I LOVE all the heart coach scarfs!! I only have one, but, I'll take a pic of it when it's a more decent hour hehe!
  14. I just have the Watercolor Stripe ponytail scarf (and LOVE IT) but I really want the fragrance print and hamptons patchwork scarves.
  15. Superstar I LOVE that cute C:heart:C scarf, I'd KILL for one of those!!!!