Showcase/Collection Question

  1. Ok I just tried posting my collection and I am extremely frustrated.
    I just tried posting my collection TWICE (well at least the beginning of it as it only allows 8 pics at a time!) and I am not seeing my thread.
    I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong or if this has anything to do with it: "post are moderated."

    What does that mean, does it mean that I have to wait until one of the mods approve my thread or that I am doing something wrong which does not hold up to the moderation and thus my thread is not showing/won't be allow to post?
    Once I click on post it says that "you'll be now taken to your post...something something displayed presently.." I couldn't read the whole thing as it disappears quickly.

    If it's that it needs to be preaproved then I made a boo boo as I was not aware of this and tried posting twice! LOL.

    Someone please let me know if it's me.
  2. Yea, you have to wait until they approve it before it comes up. I got worried when I did my collection to.
  3. JoJo, not to worry! It usually take a few days for the collection thread to show up as those threads have to go through site admins/MODs first.:yes:
  4. Oh crap! I better contact Vlad then and let him know to post the first post and disregard the second.
    I have a headache...I just spent so much time putting it together only to learn that I had to edit all the pics out as only 8 are allowed in one thread...LOL. And finally, they disappeared :hysteric: :lol:

    I see Vlad is offline so I guess I'll have to add the rest tomorrow.
    I need some ice scream :upsidedown:


    days???!!!:nuts: Does it have to get approved everytime I post pics in it? I have 50-70 pics I wanted to post in there? Maybe this was not a good idea :sad: It'll take me months to post all the pics :roflmfao:
  5. I'll go look now. . . but they're right there's only a few of us that approve these posts. . . it can take a little time.