*Show Your Tiffany DBTY Necklace!!!*

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  1. Hey, if any of you have bought the DBTY necklace from Tiffany Co, no matter it's made of silver, gold or platinum, feel free to post pictures of you items or write something down towards your necklace, here is mine::P
  2. Gorge! What size tcw is this?
  3. 0.08 carat in 18k yellow gold. pretty small though :smile:
  4. Mine is .12

  5. Hi your necklaces are lovely. Are they 18inch ? My DBTY is 16inch & I'm finding it a bit too short. Can you get the chain made longer (mine is in platinum) ? Many thanks.
  6. shopbaby and FlgirlFM - lovely pieces!

    I've been eyeing the DBTY single stone but I'm not sure if I like the the platinum or yellow gold better in my skin tone. I'm Asian female (mac NC20 skin tone) in late twenties. :smile: Suggestions?
  7. shopbaby - do you feel like your necklace stone is too small? would you get the same size if you could get it again? also, do you like the yellow gold?
  8. Mine is single stone 0.67cts, F, VVS1 in platinum. I am thinking about having the chain lengthened to 16.5 in or 17 in because it doesn't sit right on me sometimes.

    Tiffanystar, you can have your platinum chain lengthened. Just bring it in to any Tiffany locations and someone there can help you.
  9. I love the yellow gold, And I'm not really a yg person. I would go bigger next time.
  10. Beautiful necklaces ladies. I adore the yellow gold!

    Here's my sterling 3 stone. .09 Carats.
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  11. no,they're 16 inches. most of pieces from tiffany's are 16 inches, unless you specify that you wanna get longer ones.
  12. yes. it is actually smaller in real life but the diamond is sparkling so much and pretty. and as for a everyday necklace, i would say that's enough simple. of course i will buy a bigger one later in platinum set, the yellow gold chain makes the diamond more stand out on my skin tone, but i love both!

  13. luv it!! :biggrin:
  14. this is gorgeous!
  15. SHOPBABY..........Congratulations.......beautiful necklace[/I][/B]