Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. Cont....

    * Diamond heart bracelet
    * Diamonds by the yard bracelet
    * Diamonds by the yard studs
    * Diamond and pink sapphire pendant
    * Geometric silver heart necklace

  2. you have such beautiful pieces krysta!!!
  3. Relatively new to tPF, but I figured there'd be a place for Tiffany addicts like myself:


    Elsa Peretti Bean earrings, silver
    Elsa Peretti Quadrifoglio earrings, silver
    Mini Tiffany Blue Box in Porcelain, a home for the earrings :smile:


    Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant in silver and rose gold
    Return to Tiffany silver tag bracelet (the one that started the collection)
    Heart cap pendant (pearl)
    Elsa Peretti Bean pendant, silver, small


    Atlas toggle necklace, silver
    Bead bracelet, silver

    I :heart: them all! One of these days I'm going to actually go to a Tiffany store to purchase something, gotta get one of those blue bags rather than just a visit from the UPS man.
  4. Krysta, owww, sucha beautiful ribbon ring..... :cloud9: when me an my DBF go look at rings...i'll be sure to try this one on! such a beautiful collection you have:heart:

    JennyS, you have a great collection! welcome to tPF!!!!!:yahoo:. you've found the Tiffany addicts right here in this thread. it's Tiffany's heaven here. thanks again for sharing your collection with us. i hope you're able to bring home many wonderful items one of these days when you go visit Tiffany's.
  5. Thank you! :smile: I knew there had to be a page for us Tiffany addicts, since those who love purses probably also love jewelry.

    What's sad is most of these were purchased in the last six months, when I was miserably still in school and looked as every minor task I accomplished as something that was worth a "reward" from T&Co.
  6. adding one more to my collection... sorry for the bad pic quality

  7. Hi, I'd like to buy the Return to Tiffany™ Heart tag necklace.
    Can anyone post a pictures of your necklace in action? ;)
  8. Streamerica ring 18k white gold with diamonds
    Elsa Peretti Sevillana lariat sterling silver necklace

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  9. if you do a search, you could possibly find one already. i remember seeing it before.:smile:
  10. My small, but growng, collection! ;)

    Elsa Peretti Small Letter J Pendant
    T&Co. Triple Drop Pendant
    Elsa Peretti Open Heart Ring
    1837 Ring
    I.D. Bracelet (not really mine since I bought it for the BF)
    Heart Link Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 18k Gold Heart
    Heart Tag Charm Bracelet
    Elsa Peretti Open Heart Bracelet

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  11. I can't find that...
    Can anyone please post a picture wich wearing this necklace?
  12. Hello ladies, gorgeous collection!!!
    just wondering if any of you could do me a favor, please. and put up pictures of diamond by the yard necklaces(any size)being worn? I'm talking about the one with only one round diamond on it. Been trying to decide which size to get. Thanks a lot !:smile:
  13. im not sure what metal colour or size range you're looking for but here is the .08 carat in platinum for $725. hope this help!

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  14. wow nice collections everyone!