Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. wow you have a lovely collection !
  2. From the Frank Gehry collection, I've got the fish pendant....

    Attached Files:

  3. ... and the torque pendant.

    I also have diamond platinium studs buti 'll have to resize my pics before posting i understand :girlsigh:
  4. Hi everyone, new member here..this forum is rad..i never knew that theres a forum like this.
    anyway, i love tiffany jewelries as well esp. the silver ones. I too have a few collections and looking at the photos u have here, i think i have to take care of my pieces :graucho: i really take them for granted. thanks for reminding me to take care of them and when i get the time i will be taking pictures and post it here. im a new mom to my 3 months old son.
  5. hi all... so here is my small tiffany collection up to date... I :heart: TIFFANY

    tiffany notes round pendant (small)


    elsa peretti open heart bracelet


    tiffany 1837 ring


    return to tiffany heart tag charm (xl)

  6. elsa peretti letter j pendant (small)


    flower ring


    elsa peretti open heart pendant (medium)

  7. jay~ love your tiffany pieces!!
  8. jaygurlygurl - Great pictures! I love the composition of your pix - jewelry, orchid and blue box. You must have a background in art....
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    thank you aquablueness and leilani01 :hugs:... aqua, your collection is amazing... love every piece in your collection!
  10. This bow necklace is one my favorite from Tiffany...thanks for sharing!
  11. ^^^ BEAUTIFUL bellaboo!!!
  12. Oh my gosh, that collection is impressive!! :tup:
  13. thanks jaygurly and nosnowhere:shame:
  14. :drool: SOOOO much Tiffany haha I love ur collection
  15. Everyone has such great collections.

    Here are some pieces from my Tiffany collection:
    * Aquamarine Aria studs
    * Pearl/Diamond studs (does anyone know which collection these are from??)
    * Small heart locket + 16" chain (my husband gave it to me for my Bday, he put our weddng photos in it :heart: )
    * Diamond heart ring
    * 1/2 channel set band 2mm
    * Ribbon ring (my e-ring)


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