Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. #211 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    BellaBoo, which size bow pendant is that? It's beautiful!

    I'm pretty sure I haven't posted my Tiffany pieces in this thread yet, so here they are. I just two have at them moment. Soonish I'd like to start a silver charm bracelet (with the blue enamel box charm first) and would love to own the pave teardrop pendant one day as well.

    8 in heart tag bracelet

    Medium 1837 interlocking circles pendant
  2. here's mine! a gift from my husband on our wedding day...


    and my pave etoile rhr...
    .47ct g color vs2 center, .73ct f color vs melee...

  3. glam ring willwrk4bags, is there a special story behind that ring?
  4. yes, a very tense eBay auction! lol! i was lucky enough to score this baby on eBay and believe me, it came down to the wire!
  5. Here are some pics that I had readily available on my computer.

    my e-ring with my fathers gold wedding band (not sure the style on this one)
    signature x necklace with diamond
    signature ring in gold and silver
    my fiance's cross
    heart necklace, lock necklace

    I am bad with all the official names and stuff. These pieces probably have the most sentimental value to me. There are some other things missing, I have to get around to taking those pictures!

    Attached Files:

  6. I'm very excited to share with you my Tiffany's collection:shame:.

    My collection has been growing slowly for the past 10 years (lol, i'm not that old). I've had the privilege while growing up to experience what fine jewelry was like thanks to DM&DF.

    I have purchased a few myself, and many of them were gifts for various special ocassions from my loved ones:heart:. They're all in their pouches waiting for their new home because their old home kept on wanting to turn them brown and other funny colors:sad:.

    From top to bottom (left to right):

    1837 collection cuff, Heart clasp bracelet, 1837 collection bangle in small size, 1837 collection bangle in regular size

    Heart tag toggle charm bracelet, RTT collection charm bracelet, RTT heart earrings, 10mm beaded earrings

    Plain heart tag charm bracelet, RTT round tag charm bracelet w/heart tag charm attached, Sevillana drop earrings, Tear drop earrings

    Continuous open heart bracelet, 5 open heart bracelet, Open heart earrings, Apple earrings

    RTT oval tag bracelet, 5 tear drop bracelet, Eternal circle earrings, Tenderness heart ring
  7. Heart clasp necklace, Heart tag choker, open heart necklace, open heart charm, RTT heart padlock charm, Medium sized open heart necklace, Figure 8 necklace

    Graduated bead necklace, Heart tag toggle choker, Loving heart necklace, Open tear drop necklace, Medium sized tear drop necklace

    Large sized open heart brooch, RTT oval tag choker, Toggle onxy necklace, Full heart mini sized necklace

    Last but not least, my favorite~ don't remember the name of them, however, i fell in love with the motif and had to get them.

    I love how there's a ladybug on the bottom

    Thanks for looking :smile: It took a while to get them all together:sweatdrop:, but my purchases will be coming to a hault for now b/c i'm saving up for another blue box (i'll let you know when i get her):
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  8. Oh, and last but not least, here's the whole gang together. Now what fun would it be w/o everybody all together:P:
  9. ^^ wow, you have your own Tiffanys store!! gorgeous.
  10. INCREDIBLE and beautiful collection!! I love the heart clasp necklace and bracelet. Never saw them before. Now I know for what I can save my money now. :smile:

    Bytheway, your future to come "blue box" is supercute.
  11. Aquablueness you just reminded me that I have some Tiffany crystal stored away with those pictures of your beautiful mugs/tea cups! I forgot all about those.

    Lovely collection.
  12. Aquablueness, you have an awesome collection!
  13. Thanks m1inime:shame:, this is my first time taking a picture of all my Tiffany pieces together and i never realized i had this much. It makes me realize that many of my pieces need more loving:idea:.

    Stillsearching: i've never used my mugs before, i just love the design so much. but, i think they could be of more use than just looking pretty:yes:. i don't think i could say this enough but i lovve your e-ring! if you don't midn me asking, what are the specs on it? me and my DBF are looking into e-rings from Tiffs:heart:. LOL, i'm not sure if 32K is in his budget.

    Fettfleck: i can't wait till that day i get my mini (a few more months and then yippe!)... i often dream of her, i test drove the mini a few weeks ago and couldn't stop thinking of how fun that was:nuts:. btw, i'm not sure if they make the heart clasp bracelet anymore, it was a 21st birthday gift from my dear aunt a few years go.

    And thank you rubyjuls:shame:.
  14. love your collection aquablueness!!
  15. aquablueness - WOW! Your collection is great!