SHOW YOUR STRIPES! POST Pics of your Stripe Bags and Accessories

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  1. This can of course include the Signature Stripe bags as well as any other bags with a stripe or stripes on it..not just the stripes from the Legacy Collection although personally this collection of stripes is my favorite :heart:

  2. Does the inside of my bag count!?
  3. I have a Coach legacy stripe wristlet...but it is being wrapped up for Christmas.
  4. It sure does! I have to get a pic of the inside of my legacy bag and post it on here! It's fine to show the outside of the bag, too because some might want to know what kind of bag it is...
  5. ooops.
  6. coach.jpg
  7. You have a lovely set of striped accessories! I always come back to look at your collection!

  8. Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf and Keypouch (and white shoulder zip and French wallet):


    Signature Stripe Goodies in parchment (Large tote, medium beauty case, small and large zipped wallet):


    I'm still waiting for my wristlet to arrive.
  9. i may be ordering the striped fold over wristlet from coach hq shortly! so i can post then!! im actually surprised that i sold or exchanged any striped accessory i bought.

    i'm either going to get that scarf of the striped one from MJ.
  10. I have the striped beret! I'm in love with it.
  11. Here is mine. I returned the beret but may see if I could buy it again (I realize I am not good at making my mind up). The only items that are not here with the others is the bracelets I ordered.

    Eeeks, please ignore my yucky carpet!
  12. someone who has the beret needs to take a pic with it on!!!
  13. Here is my shoulder bag with a striped scarf and hat I got from JCPenneys. (I cheated) But I really thought the stripes looked pretty good with the bag.
    legacy.jpg legacy 003.jpg
  14. I have the flats
  15. ^^love those flats! and I just ordered the framed fold over striped wristlet.