SHOW YOUR STRIPES! POST Pics of your Stripe Bags and Accessories


Oct 21, 2006
This can of course include the Signature Stripe bags as well as any other bags with a stripe or stripes on it..not just the stripes from the Legacy Collection although personally this collection of stripes is my favorite :heart:

Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf and Keypouch (and white shoulder zip and French wallet):

Signature Stripe Goodies in parchment (Large tote, medium beauty case, small and large zipped wallet):

I'm still waiting for my wristlet to arrive.
i may be ordering the striped fold over wristlet from coach hq shortly! so i can post then!! im actually surprised that i sold or exchanged any striped accessory i bought.

i'm either going to get that scarf of the striped one from MJ.
Here is mine. I returned the beret but may see if I could buy it again (I realize I am not good at making my mind up). The only items that are not here with the others is the bracelets I ordered.

Eeeks, please ignore my yucky carpet!


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Here is my shoulder bag with a striped scarf and hat I got from JCPenneys. (I cheated) But I really thought the stripes looked pretty good with the bag.


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