Show your *love* for Chanel Ballet Flats

  1. Thank you. I've had these since last summer and alternate between those and my Tory Burch Miller and both have worn beautifully. I love them.
  2. I love these!!!! Where did u get them??? Thx:cloud9::cloud9::hbeat::flowers::flowers:
  3. Thanks! and i got them from Neiman Marcus :smile:
  4. Super cute!
  5. Thank you :smile:

  6. *swoons* those are gorgeous myism. I don't even like the color pink but I can't stop thinking about those flats :lol:

    And yay for my first post! :smile:
  7. Previously sold out, but James has a fresh shipment of red ballets. Call or text him at 305-632-0344.

  8. Chanel flats.
  9. So...ever since a TPFer asked about the ballet with the tiny metal CCs on the top, I have been debating if it was too much bling vs the classic ballets. Well, they are not too much bling and I love them. Here are my new navy/black ballets with the silver CCs.

    Thanks to you for making me think about a new style of ballets. Love this forum.

  10. Can you please tell me the price for these flats? Thanks!
  11. Hi... They were $675.00.
  12. Do you like the patenty ones all the way on the left (with the beige cap toe)?
    I just got them. I'm also scared they'll go on sale in the winter being they're seasonal.
  13. These are sooo gorgeous! I love how they're plain in the front with the amazing chain detail in the heel.
  14. I bought these without trying them on cause I absolutely adore the colour combination. Alas, they are too big! I should have bought the 40 instead of the 41. I'm now trying to sell them in eBay. If I can find them again, I would buy them


  15. Too bad! Such awesome shoes and a classic colour combo! Did you get them on sale? Why can't you return them to the boutique?