Show your *love* for Chanel Ballet Flats

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  1. Oh ok! Are they pebbled like caviar? I’m picking mine up this weekend!
  2. No they’re not. Calfskin has a similar look to lambskin but with more durability.
  3. Thank you so much for all of this! I will check out the white with black toecaps. I also have my eye on the silver as well...I think they will both pair well with lighter denim for summer. But will still keep my fingers crossed that Chanel brings back the perfect pink...not too dark and not too pale (Goldilocks syndrome....)
  4. Has anyone resoled their chanel flats? I have a pair from last year and the soles are quite worn out. I've always resoled my shoes but the soles on these chanel flats seem thinner... would resoling spoil their look?
  5. Hi! I am not a fan of resoling. I think it ruins the look of the ballet and makes it look frumpy because the sole and more importantly, the tip of sole will be too thick. If soles are really that worn out, I would say it’s time for a new pair.

    My opinion is that part of buying a Chanel shoe is that it should look elegant and chic and this includes the heel and sole, the overall look.
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  6. I know what you mean but the part of me that's trying to be more earth-friendly refuses to give up on it!

    Guess I'll send it to the cobbler anyhow and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out then I can always replace it.
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  7. I’d love to see pictures of before and after if you’re willing to share them after you’ve sent your pair to the cobblers!

    I’m actually thinking about getting a pair of my black caviar quilted flats zip soles with vibram half soles as well. Currently I have stuck some non-slip rubber stickers on the bottom and they don’t look too bad. My cobbler isn’t the most careful though (they stained my nude patent louboutins a little) so I am a little wary... but this pair is black and caviar so it can’t be too bad, right?
  8. First night out Pink caviar leather. I always wanted a black pair for my first pair, but these suited my skin tone much more.
  9. Sure I'll post photos when I get them done! I actually think they will turn out okay... I have had several pairs of ferragamos resoled to the half rubber soles and always had good results.
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  10. Hey there, planning on buying my first pair of flats...used though because I'm still a student and can't justify paying full price. I'd love your opinion on which one you think is nicer ladies. One is a silver toe, but I'm a bit concerned with the amount of wear on the heel. The other is a kitten heel (not sure whether I love or hate the heel). Or do you think I should wait for a classic black quilted pair? Thanks in advance for the input guys!
    chanel flat 1.jpg chanel flat.jpg chanel heel 2.jpg chanel heel.jpg
  11. Hi! Of the two, I would get the ballet flat with the silver toe and just put on new heels. The heel looks to be the original heel which means it has not been worn much. Also, the toe looks good as does the bow (still in perfect shape).

    I have a black with white cap toe and I love it! It’s so unique and I used to wear it to death. The silver is a really nice touch and I assume you also wear silver or white metal jewelry. Non-black cap toes are hard to come by and I like to grab them when they come out because they are so different.

    I purchased the kitten heel back when they first came out. I have the beige/black toe one and I rarely wear it. I thought it was cute, but the shoe itself serves no function. It’s neither here nor there. When I want a flat, I go for my ballet flats. When I want a heel, I want more of a heel than the kitten heel and go for my Chanel slingbacks.

    I would suggest if you want a flat, you can get the silver cap one. Or if you can wait, to me the most functional color is the classic beige/black toe combo.

    If you want a low heel, I would get the chanel slingbacks. I find that more useful than the kitten.

    I hope that helps in your decision.
    Good luck!

    P.S. if this is your first pair of chanel flats, do not mess when the bow. I got curious once on how they tie the bow so beautiful and took one apart. It was NEVER the same. If it does start getting loose, don’t un-do it, just tighten it up again. The bows on both your shoes are perfect. If you look at some other ballets, the bows are messed up. So your bows are perfect and don’t mess with them! I learned the hard way and want to share that with you.
  12. Thank you so much for this, it was so helpful and detailed! I'll make sure to keep the bow intact, that was great advice, didn't realise that it could be a problem. Thanks again!

  13. I got one of my chanel flats zipzoled today! Took in my caviar pair because the beef lambskin is too precious if the cobbler isn’t careful enough. I only got the front zipsoled with vibram, and the heel didn’t really need anything but i’m heard on the heels of my shoes so I bought a sole with a sticker on it already, made of a similar rubber to the vibram and slightly thicker, and cut out and stuck a protective cover on the sole as well!
    It’s not obvious at all.
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  14. I just collected my flats from the cobbler too! I had both the front and the heel replaced with vibram. The painting is abit sloppy on the underside but otherwise I'm really pleased with the results. It's given new life to these pair of shoes!

    I forgot to take before pictures, but I'd say the effect isn't obvious at all. photocollage_2018629163852183.jpg

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  15. They look great! The painting on the heel will likely wear off as you walk anyway, no biggie!