Show your *love* for Chanel Ballet Flats

  1. ^ thanks. I'll try to check them out next time I go shopping.
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    Bought these in the spring and I'm ready to start wearing them this fall! They're very comfortable.
  3. Wow these are super cute! never seen them before
  4. I mostly wear the flats with elastic band, they are the most comfortable for my feet. But I think it really depends on the person if a shoe is comfortable or not.

    Which one are you referring too? The one with the big white logo on it or the other ones? I will try my best to take a photo this week :smile:
  5. Hi, the all dark ones in the second photo. I usually wear the classic lambskin ones as I don't like the elastic. I was thinking the quilted style is too thick and leather may not be soft. Do you like your all dark quilted ones? Comfy and do you like the way they look on your feet? I tried on a pair once an thought because of the puffy quilt, they made my feet look puffy too... But I may have to try them on again as this style is growing on me.
  6. Taken from my Instagram..both are from many seasons ago..

    Me in my flats and my bestie in her sneakers!
  7. Hi! I thought they were so cute too... But sadly, they are too manly looking for me. My look is more lady like. It's too bad because I rely liked them but when I tried them on, I knew they were not me.

    If you like them, there is a post from someone who bought this shoe and it looks fantastic on her. Search in the Chanel thread in "man oh man smoking slipper". You will modeling pics.

    Good luck and if you purchase, please post a modellin pic!
  8. I own the cream flats with the black cap toe and I'm absolutely in love! They're a classic, and match everything in my closet. No break-in required either :smile:
  9. Yes I like them! They are comfortable and I like the way they look on my feet. My dog wanted to be in the photo too :p

  10. My favorites! :cool:
  11. Thanks for posting pics. They look great on you! I will definitely have to try them on again. They are so classic.
  12. Thank you! I hope you'll like them on your feet this time :smile:
  13. Thanks ;)
    My sister tells me that I should have gotten the ones with the Chanel logo on the front so everyone knows their Chanel. But I like these best- discrete is more of my style and those who notice they're Chanel will be the ones who really appreciate and follow their collections.
  14. Absolutely, more discrete :graucho:
  15. Hi ladies, just got these / black ballet combo.

    If you might be interested, ask for Joey at Chanel in NYC. He has them.