Show your *love* for Chanel Ballet Flats

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  1. I have recently fallen in love with the Chanel ballerina flats and would love to see or read descriptions about yours. What is your favorite pair? Are you addicted like me?

    I seem to get the most use out of my special ones like tortoise and all gold. I have lots of basics, but those are my favorite two.

  2. I am a lover of Chanel ballet flats and own many pairs. I love the seasonal colors! They go great with the bags!

    You will get even more addicted!
  3. Sorry, forgot to tell you my favorites... my two favorites now are my two newest pairs... one is a cream with yellow cap toe from 12C (cruise) and the other is the newest red quilted ballet from Fall 12A (autumn). It matches the bags. I love the new red.

    For classics, I wear the beige with black cap toe often. I have gone through 3 pairs of those! If I were smart, I would have stocked up on the beige as the classics never go on sale.
  4. I total forgot my gorgeous red patent non- quilted ones. They really are a true red and lots of fun when I just want a pop of red. I recently picked-up some cream with gold toes off of eBay. I will have to check into the taupe like you suggested, but I am really looking for the wow factor non-quilted right now. Sales are definitely allowed and even encouraged to be added to this thread :smile:
  5. Are you as silly as me when it comes to preventative damage to the shoes? I will not wear them until I get my cobbler to put a new sole and heel on each pair so the original sole and heel never gets worn down. Do you have the white with the black toe? I know it is a basic but I really feel it fills a void in my collection. I think that will be my next pair.
  6. image-2192808501.jpg

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    Hi... Sorry for all the posts...

    The patent taupe is the first shoe. The red and the cream with yellow are the two new ones I bought. If you are interested, contact James at NM. He is great and good with text. His cell is 786-239-7091. Tell him Irma referred you. He'll send you lots of pics.

    Yes, I have the white with black toe. Love those. And forgot, another favorite is black with white cap toe. I really love that one and wish I had bought two pairs. I also have pink with black toe, black with black, and then a coral patent.

    No, I don't resole them first. I'm probably odd, but I like to have original soles on my ballets as I feel they look weird otherwise. I do put new heels on them because the original heels are plastic and not the nice rubber.

    You will love the white with black toe. It usually comes in two variations, but not sold at the same time. The first is a pure white lambskin with black toe. The second variation is a pearly white with a black toe. I got the pearly white and absolutely love it.

    If you see the black with white toe, you should consider it. The different color toes really make the shoe pop. I wish I had gotten the cream with red toe in my photo above. I just got the yellow though. Love it. They also offered the yellow color (12C Jaune) in bags, so FYI if you like to match.

    Happy shopping... love that you're a ballet lover! Please post any new finds! I'm always interested in new ballets. Call James if you're interested in any of the above. I know the red seems to be a hot color and going fast.
  9. Do you know how much the patent one costs?
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    Where can I get the pearly white with black toe in a 37?
  11. $625, I believe, but I could be wrong.
  12. Hi. Yes, that is correct. The tape is 625.00.

    White was last spring, so you'll have to wait because now all the fall colors are coming in.
  13. Hi... I should clarify so I don't confuse anyone. The taupe and red are new for fall. The cream with yellow toe in the above pic is from spring so you can no longer get them.

    The taupe patent is pretty and I don't see patent ballerinas come out often.

    Hope this is helpful.
  14. Contact James at 305-632-0344.


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