Show your HH "Luxe" Bags here!!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    As my wishlist says, I am absolutely dying for a Chocolate Luxe Havana, which I am not sure I will ever find (but if anyone spots one somewhere, please PM me!!). I know occasionally a Black one shows up on eBay, but never the Chocolate!

    But just for fun, those of you who have any of these gorgeous woven HH bags, please show pictures of those lovely Havanas and Lorcas or any other design that HH made "Luxe".

    I would so love to see them!!!!

    (Sep and Evie, you can always start with your photos! LOL!)
  2. So sorry... I had one once, and yes, it was beautiful! Alas, I sold it on ebay last September. Possibly to a tpf'er, but I don't know. Good luck with your search!
  3. I sold my black Havana Luxe, it wasn't as fab as the chocolate and the woven flap was too stiff. It probably would have softened or gotten broken in? but I'm too impatient!
  4. Here ya go sweetie...


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  5. Oh so so pretty Sep!! :cloud9:
  6. :shocked::shocked::shocked:
    Sep, that is her...
    My one and only....
  7. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous Sep. Thanks for posting. When did they come out with these? Was the price point much higher than the regular Havana?