Show your guts!

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  1. I thought this might be a fun thread for us. I could have sworn there was one before, but I couldn't find it so I thought maybe we could start a new one. There's a community on livejournal where you can post your bag and its "guts" - that is, what you are hauling around in it. It might be fun to do that here... you could post only once or every day if you wanted, depending on how often you change things up. How about it?
  2. LOL this sounds like fun. Are we supposed to take pics of what's inside?
  3. Yup! I just made a post in the lj community, so I'll post as an example. But, of course, you can do whatever you want for the photos. Some people just post the contents, some post several pictures (including the bag), some also type up what's inside. :smile:
  4. My purse for today (my "new" Marc Jacobs, just got it last week, only my second chance to use it):

    A peek inside:

    And the guts (traveling lightly today):
    [phone, lip stuff (Lancome Juicy Tubes in "Spring Fling" and Softlips in vanilla), gum (mint mojito Orbit, so good!), keys, Claritin, mirror, Marc by Marc Jacobs Luxy Zip Clutch]
  5. [​IMG]

    from what is shown: wallet, mesh cosmetics bag, glasses, deoderant, toe seperator (lol).
  6. love your purse and wallet wordbox:tup:.
  7. Here's mine!

  8. Here is a little vintage Kooba, the Chameleon purse insert inside then outside.

    Attached Files:

  9. hehe fendifemale, i think we use the same deodorant..hehehe
  10. I used my Kooba Lena today.
    Heres a peek...[​IMG]

    and here are the guts. The pink wallet is for makeup bits, small mirror etc. The wet wipes are really important as I have a 2 small children.
    The oyster card....ah yes! My car has broken down so I have been slumming it on London Transport recently :lol:
    I dont know why I carry my sunglasses as its been raining for four days!!
    I love my IF wallet. If I was 10 years younger I would have bought the matching bag!!!
  11. That rat-shaped keychain is from Marc Jacobs' Stinky Rat line, isn't it? It's so cute. I love rats.
  12. ^ Yup! Mine is purple, it's so cute!

    Great purses and guts, everyone.
  13. Okay, here's the bag I brought to work today. I paint apartments in the summer, so it would be silly to bring a nice bag with me. I got this cute Target purse about a month ago, and it's a perfect summer knock-around bag.


    And the guts:
    (checkbook, MbMJ wallet, book, keys, phone, ibuprofen, lip balm, hand sanitizer)

    I'll be back to my MJ bag tonight, though... we're going on a date! ;)
  14. This is kind of old (I've traded my two iPod shuffles for a nano since).
    This is my Ellen Tracy Hartford satchel and all the crap I carry with me!

    Shuffles, earbuds, folding brush, purell, wallet, carmex (horribly addicted), tissues, lipstick case/bag, powder, hand cream, mints, cell phone, flash drive, cosmetic bag, VS Heavenly perfume, wipes, nail file, clippers, brush ups, digital camera wristlet

    Attached Files:

  15. Ooh this is fun, ladies! I'll take some pictures later.