*Show your garden!* Pictures and tips

  1. Is anyone else here crazy about gardening? I looove my little yard and I think about making it prettier and prettier constantly. We just moved in 2 months ago and there is still a lot to do since the yard was a complete mess!! I would love it if people would share their yards, or just parts that they like. You can also post gardening tips you want to share.

    Here are a couple of pictures of my garden.

    My favorite flowers are probably lilies, I love my pink ones:heart:
    Liljat.jpg Kuva+1976.jpg Kuva+2025.jpg Kuva1998.jpg
  2. Beautiful pictures! Unfortunately, I was born with a brown thumb.
  3. ^So I thought too! As I got my own yard for the first time I really fell in love with gardening and it´s really quite simple.
  4. Beautiful! Our garden is currently under construction - so when it's finished I'll post pictures! :smile:
  5. I have 4 gardens around my home, the previous owner was an avid gardener so I suppose I fell into gardening to keep up with what she had started. Over the past 15yrs I've turned it into my idea of an english cottage garden, predominately pinks, purples and reds.

    I really like my gardens but very hard for me to maintain as I have an autistic son who needs my care. My husband helps to maintain it during the summer, some of the plants are quite good on their own, but unfortunately in the north garden, there is a locus tree we had cut down, but the roots are unfortunately sending out runners... I haven't time to figure how to deal with it.

    East garden (sunny): a variety of dwarf conifers and larger conifers, peach tree, hydrangea, english roses, japanese maples, a small rhododendrum to be planted, mature yew bush and a bayberry bush

    West garden (shady): irises, hostas, baby lavender (not doing too well in the shady area), bayberry bush, old hybrid rose climber

    South garden (smaller): tulips, irises, dwarf conifer, chrysanthemums (just coming out again), small boxwood to be planted

    North garden (hardest to maintain): a number of vintage roses, a rose rambler, english roses by David Austen, apple tree (our groundhog loves apples), rose of sharon tree, eden rose climber (it's big but overrun on the wall now), daylilies (these I want removed, the orange is a bit harsh), and dwarf conifers.

    Here are a few shots of my North garden roses... I don't want them hijacked I'm sure you understand, so they are small format... sorry! I have to find pics of my gardens that do not show my house!
    heritage.gif peace.gif peony.gif
  6. Gorgeous flowers.
  7. Oh Rainrowan, what a huge job you must have keeping up 4 gardens!! Those roses are absolutely breathtaking and the peony too (I have one too, a gift from a friend, let´s hope she flowers next year!). Such a beautiful array of flowers in the different gardens, I have to say the one which is hardest to maintain, the north garden, sounds absolutely divine, all those roses, ah!
  8. My hubby and I are NOT good gardeners!

    Luckily my Mum has the greenest fingers ever however, we have now changed our garden loads.

    My hubby built the raised beds up the left hand side this summer. The large square is a Pond and behind that is a Bench all made out of Railway Sleepers.

    We intend to do the other side and something to the bottom next year.

    We mainly mow the lawn and that is it. The children play in it and we have parties and BBQ's but nothing else really. We want low maintenance.
    Garden 1.jpg Garden 2.jpg
  9. ^That´s just like I imagine all the gardens in England to be where the family has kids! Fantastic looking place. I love the tree! Is that a rose on the left?

  10. such a cool thread. I would looooove to know how to make my lilies to look like yours. I bought then when my mom was coming to visit me and they just wont grow back. Same with roses. I water them and use the "fertilize" thing.. :confused1:
  11. I live in a condo so I dont have a garden but I took a pictures of my red roses last october. I like this one
    rose.jpg rose2.jpg
  12. I hope to get started next spring...I need to find a place that will help me coordinate what to grow and when for my area.
  13. Oh what beauties! Love that shade of red:heart:

    Hints for the growing part, lilies don´t like direct sunlight or a too wet ground. It would be good if the soil has small rocks, sand etc so the water doesn´t rot the roots.

    With roses, remember to water your roses! Some think if it rains for example once a week it´s enough but it´s not! Don´t overfertilize.

    Also, if you´ve just planted them this year, it´s probably normal for the first year to be slow:yes:
  14. :roflmfao:
    I bought some flower seeds and never planted them.
  15. Don´t worry about it! Usually seeds stay ok for years:tup: