Show your depotted goodies!

  1. Here are mines so far, still waiting for another palette to give the rest of my depotted make up a home:

  2. I got two Unii palettes and using them to keep my collection under control. Once I finish one colour, I'll buy another but not before. Hoping it works to keep my buying down. :smile:
  3. Interesting! Where'd you get the empty palettes? I don't have enough eyeshadow + blush right now to warrant depotting them and putting them all together, but it's definitely something I'd consider if my collection grows bigger ^___^
  4. You know, the palette is not so big! it looks big, but when you put your stuff in, you would be surprised at how much space it takes, specially if you put blushers or bronzers. I live in england so I got it in this website

    but you can get it directly from their website :
  5. its actually really helpful to have your makeup depotted into a palette! At first I was reluctant about depotting them from their pretty packagings, but you get so much used out of your make up, because you have everything layed out and you see everything so you use everything. I still keep a chanel blush and bronzer without depotting it in my bag, for when I am out and about, because the packing it is indeed very pretty :smile:, but when i do my make up at home, def having palettes its a life saver! btw the unii palette is super cute
  6. Yours look gorgeous! I'll post mine soon, I love having them deported but some are just too pretty in their packaging!
  7. def! at first I was very reluctant to depot it, but then I realized that I was always using the same products which are the ones that are the easiest to reach, and I had a lot of makeup that was being neglected. Here is what I have yet to fine a home for :smile:

  8. You still have a lot! I got my palettes from starzmakeupheaven I believe and love them. Not as pretty as the z-palette though!

    I know I should depot as I've been using the ones depotted more lately! I've yet to figure out how to depot a few though from MAC mineralized collections.
  9. I really want to depot, but I am worried I will miss them in the pots, I know sounds stupid! but all you guys are talking me into it
  10. I guess these ones are really useful for ones that CAN be depotted. I mainly use Shiseido eyeshadow, and I actually tried to see if I could depot them and I realized they're not in metal trays but rather embedded into the plastic? So there's no way that's coming out.

    Strangely enough, the Chanel ones were a piece of cake. But I don't have enough Chanel eyeshadow/blush to round off a whole palette.
  11. I am not going to lie, I did mess up some blushes a little bit because I wasnt careful at the begining, but I fix them with rubbing alcohol. In my opinion is worth it, because you use what you have a lot more :smile: But be VERY patient and melt the glue with a candle, do not try to push it out with a knife etc without melting the glue. There are lots of tutorials on youtube, goodluck :smile:
  12. Of course, right after I post that Shiseido eyeshadows can't be depotted, I find a youtube tutorial showing just how to do that:

    I looked into getting the Z-palette which looked like a great size (I like the style & security of Unii palette better, but they're WAY too small!), but I found out it's made of cardboard...yikes. Too bad it's not plastic.
  13. Great thread, I need to post photos of my palettes! Depotting is so easy! I used a candle warmer, but I cracked a few of my early attempts because I held the shadow/blush in my hand while trying to clean the glue from the bottom. I realized I should just place the pan face down to clean the glue. After that it's been very easy.

    I have Z-palettes (for home) & Unii (for travel) & love them both. When I received the Z-palette I was worried about the cardboard, but had to look closer since it did not feel like cardboard. It is very thick & sturdy. I was worried about using it in the bathroom and no problems at all.
  14. pics please :smile: I love looking at ppls make up collections
  15. cuuute!!!! i wish i could do that... I can't help but to leave them in their perfect packaging... but it looks fun to depot and make your own palette too